Sausage Party and After Hours video news, short interview from this week’s NME

Goodness, it’s busy this week!

First, there’s a video that you need to watch that includes this:


If you didn’t get the new email from the mailing list, this is what it says:

Have you ever been to a Sausage Party? Well, you’re invited to one. CHRIS’S SAUSAGE PARTY starts as soon as you click the link down there (ha ha). What’s it all about? Well, have you ever heard of a rock star band’s “rider”? That’s the set of tools and food that they ask a venue to provide for them in their dressing room as a buffer against despair. Needless to say, We Are Scientists have one of the world’s healthiest, most expensive riders… AND IT INCLUDES HARD SAUSAGE, ONE (1) COUNT!

Every time we showed up at a new venue this fall, therefore, it was a party… CHRIS’S SAUSAGE PARTY. Watch and learn (a little more) by clicking here:


Finally, and secondly, you will get an exclusive look at our new video for AFTER HOURS at on Friday 18 January. It MIGHT also appear in the print edition that week — we’re still fine tuning the techno-mation.

I’ve also put a scan up at the magazine scans page from this week’s NME. (Thanks, Hayley!)
nme thumbnail

ETA 1/17: Read the 4th comment posted by Chris on this post about the importance of joining the W.A.S. mailing list.


16 thoughts on “Sausage Party and After Hours video news, short interview from this week’s NME

  1. tomorrow? video tomorrow?? I might not be functioning very well right now (and I know it’s only just Thursday, but it’s still Friday tomorrow)

    also I wonder why I am not getting mailing list emails…am I doing something wrong?

  2. Yeah, hey dudes — if you haven’t signed up in the last couple of months, it’s worth doing it again. I don’t think it will result in your receiving multiple copies of the mailing list missives if you put your name on the list a second or third time. That is because an Intelligent Robot, or ‘Gent Rob’, runs the messaging system and is, like God, infallible. But so, Gent Rob only started running things over at our mailing list this fall, and his predecessor, Dirk Pitt, from the Clive Cussler novels, and the Matthew McCoughnehey movie ‘Sahara’, was very fallible indeed and lost some names in the turnover.


    WHY IS IT IMPORTANT FOR ME TO BE ON THE MAILING LIST? It’s only important in any real sense if you like to go to our shows and want to be able to buy tickets before the general public. We’ve finally gotten our act together and will be offering advance ticketing for tours through the listtours. And guys, IT’S NO ACCIDENT I’M WRITING THIS WHEN I AM; in other words, these tips will pay dividends in the immediate future.

    -Matthew McCoughnehey

  3. I re-added myself to the mailing list, cause yea, it never seemed to work for me before.

    Also, I can’t wait to watch this Sausage Party video, but it was taking forever to load before I left for work this morning, so I’ll check it in a couple hours.

    Thanks for keeping us so updated, Renee!!! 😀

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