Have you watched the “After Hours” video yet?

It’s up at NME.com right now!


Well done, guys!

I updated my links page with new banners for my site, made again by Mahsa of Gigawave fame. They’ve been updated to show the current W.A.S. lineup.


33 thoughts on “Have you watched the “After Hours” video yet?

  1. Nice, very funny and fun. I do find it a bit out-of-place when they are singing and playing along, as it just kind of comes out of nowhere every now and then… but fun video, nonetheless! And, for some reason, it just feels like them… the minute I saw the dog, I thought “oh yeah, they would do that.” Perfect.

  2. that was a great video! I half-expected Keith to die at the end of it, though…

    i agree that it did look strange when they randomly pulled out the guitar and started singing, especially when Chris was starring at the camera singing. maybe they did it cuz it was so strange and out of place?

    it took me forever to realize who the girl was, but she’s on 30 Rock!

  3. I was hoping Keith would die too, but him getting cockblocked is a good alternative.

    And I knew that girl looked familiar!! When I saw her I was thinking, “Gosh, she looks like a younger version of Christine Taylor.”

    Some of the singing out of nowhere looked out of place, but I really think it’s a great video overall. It fits the song perfectly. I hope the video makes its way over here on a music channel that shows music videos.

  4. Very weird that you said that, Adrian. Keith actually died *in real life* while making this video, but, obviously, we were able to edit the stuff we got while he was alive in such a way as to turn out a pretty nice little story, which thank god for.

  5. Kelli: I was thinking the same thing. It looked like Chris was leading up to it until Keith interfered.

    I think Keith would look best with a beard.

  6. Haha good video when i finally got to watch it would not load up at uni…stupid PCs.
    I wonder if there will be another crap attack style thing with videos for the new songs. That would be good.

  7. i think Chris has an addiction to this site 😛

    but yeah…nme FINALLY let me see it without start-stopping…

    for the record…i reckon Chris could beat up Keith 😛

  8. no beardy weirdy keith!
    stubble is coolies, but don’t let keith catch facial fungus because it seeps into one’s brain and convinces them they actually look canny with a beard giving them delusions of grandeur – look where it got jesus (what? how do i know jesus had a beard?! well he was there for his portrait in the LAst Supper)

    Keith has good facial structure so don’t hide it!

    actually reading back on Chris’s comment, i speculate keith beath the son of god reincarnated????

    happy january everyone!

  9. Chris, not that I don’t appreciate your loltastic comments on this marvellous site, but please to spend time updating the news page over at your marvellous site, thanks


  10. Oh geez, I didn’t know Jack Johnson was the Friday headliner! That doesn’t look right, I like “Banana Pancakes,” but I don’t know about him carrying Friday night. Wasn’t it Bjork last year? What a difference a year makes.

    But from this list Friday would be the only day I’d want to go: Madness, The National, Stars, Cut Copy, Jens Lekman, and at least five more other acts there are worth the one day pass. But I can’t be bothered on going.

    I am so relieved W.A.S. isn’t going to be playing there. They should be at one with a more impressive lineup.

  11. WAS deserves to be part of Bonnaroo, I’d say. That fest never fails. Woo!

    Also, I just watched the video again… it makes me extremely happy! Also, cool points to whoever (sorry, not gonna scroll back up and check) realized the girl was from 30 Rock!

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