Shows in Germany this March and more of the Sausage Party

It looks like they’re heading for Germany late March (thanks, Lena!):

24. 03. 08 – Cologne

25. 03. 08 – Hamburg

26. 03. 08 – Dresden

30. 03 .0 8 – Frankfurt

More dates in Europe will be announced soon.

And another mailing list email was sent a couple minutes ago. The Back In Style tour dates were shown so nothing new there, but don’t skip the Sausage Party link! I almost did until I noticed the different file name.


10 thoughts on “Shows in Germany this March and more of the Sausage Party

  1. I see Max! Yay for Max in the video sort of. I love these boys and their crazy sausage parties.

    I missed it being a new one so glad I popped on here.

  2. yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes!!! .. wuuuuhuuuu.. 24.3. I’ll be there guys 🙂 .. 3rd time WAS.. wuhu..

    can’t waiiiit..

    (sry for bad syntax.. I’m way too hyped to build complete sentences 😀 )

  3. haha have you guys noticed how there’s electric guitar in the song but keith whips out an acoustic? didn’t get that until now.

  4. I saw the email and I was thinking why send old news and video out…but then I saw it up on youtube and so I hurried back to my inbox to download it XD

    Half naked Keith is never a bad thing… also it made me smile so big when I saw Max in the mirror!!

  5. I like how Keith has that towel swung on his shoulder that it makes him look like he’s wearing it as a toga, haha.

    Also, if you look at the mirror in the end you see Keith eating the banana, though I suppose he’d have to since he licked it!

  6. ahhh those twenty questions were pretty hilarious, was surprised I actually managed to read them. the “anything maritime” and the bike horn rhythm part was the cutest, but playing a thriller midi at your funeral? pure win.

    waiting for teh sowsage partay to download now…

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