Additional in-store performance dates

Mar 3 2008 6:00P
Instore Performance – HMV Glasgow Glasgow, Scotland
Mar 4 2008 4:30P
Instore Performance – Jumbo Records, Leeds Leeds, Midlands

Mar 5 2008 5:00P
Instore Performance – Rapture Entertainment Ltd, Witney Witney, South
Mar 6 2008 8:00P
Instore Performance – Fopp, Cambridge Cambridge, Midlands
Mar 7 2008 6:00P
Instore Performance – Banquet Records, Kingston Kingston, London and South East

That’s on their Myspace page (and now the Shows page at their site) so that’s three more dates added to the in-store performance shows.  (Thanks, Susie!)


13 thoughts on “Additional in-store performance dates

  1. Oh no it’s ok Emzy- thank you for mentioning that. It IS on March 7- what was posted on the Myspace yesterday was wrong. On the shows page of their site it has the 7th so I think that’s probably the right date.

  2. Talking of wrong dates, i thinks it says on they myspace site there is a gig in Heidelberg on 30 March. however tix are being sold for Frankfurt for that same day (i bought one). I tried to communicate that via their myspace address with little success it seems….renee, any idea?

  3. Oh you’re right! I just noticed that too when I looked at my post from the 28th about the Frankfurt show…. so are you actually able to buy tickets for both shows on that day? I tried looking for it at this site: which is linked on the shows page from the W.A.S. site, and I couldn’t find the Heidelburg show.

  4. Keith is in March’s Front magazine, I have a scan if you want it…

    and yes I paid £3.60 for a magazine that exploits women just for a Keith interview… is that so wrong?

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