Chat with them this Wednesday, support act for the tour

We Are Scientists for Tuborg Webchat Wednesday
Chat with the guys this Wednesday 4 PM (UK time) at Gigwise’s site. (If you’re participating in this, please ask something interesting and don’t be lame and ask a question that’s been answered already like “What happened to Michael?” or “Are you guys really scientists?”)

And it looks like Oxford Collapse will be supporting the guys on this Back in Style tour. Check out their Myspace for more info.

Here’s another review of “After Hours” from This is fake DIY. 2 stars AND rubbish comparisons to not only the Killers this time, but Interpol and Hot Hot Heat.


23 thoughts on “Chat with them this Wednesday, support act for the tour

  1. So, I left a comment that boils down to “what track were you listening to?” Those comparisons are in no way accurate! I hear nothing of Hot Hot Heat in Keith’s vocals. At all.

    Hot Hot Heat has a great live show, though, drawing from all their albums and not just new material. I wish a certain band would actually take that idea and go with it…

  2. Keith definitely doesn’t sound like HHH’s vocals… his pitch isn’t as high (or annoying for that matter!). I don’t understand why WAS keeps getting compared to either HHH or The Killers (or Interpol apparently), they don’t have that synth-y pop sound at all. Clearly these people are working in the wrong field as music critics.

  3. After unintentionally seeing Hot Hot Heat six times live now, I have to say that the comparison is absurd. I like HHH (mostly the old stuff), but there’s nothing about HHH’s sound that even resembles W.A.S.

    I think it’ll be even more entertaining to read what reviewers will be saying after the album’s out.

  4. Aww, not bad luck at all! I would gladly watch them open for another one of my favorite bands again rather than have the unfortunate luck of seeing the band that opened for Muse last year, Immigrant, who were total shit.

  5. Looks like OC is only supporting them on some shows – and not the one I ll go to. Gutted. Gutted. Gutted. I was hoping for something like this (e.g. either Bishop Allen or OC). Saw these guys in Brooklyn, really good gig and have been lobbying ever since for them to come over here. Those of you who bought the ‘right’ tix, enjoy!

  6. I used to vaguelly know the girl who wrote that stupid review. Funnily enough she was a complete dickhead. I have a lasting memory of her throwing up on a London street. HA!

  7. oxford collapse would be a grand support.. but it doesn’t look like they’re supporting in germany.. thus I’m hoping for Bishop Allen or The Little Ones (or even Mystery Jets.. whoa.. how awesome would that be :-O )

    what’s wrong with those reviews lately.. utterly crazy comparisons!

  8. We Are Scientists After Hours Review Review – Emma Swann

    What the f*** has happened to Emma Swann? One minute, she’s a thoughtful, reasoned music reviewer for This Is Fake DIY, and the next there’s this, dropping in swears and randomly italicising in the hope it’ll make her writing edgy in some way. In short, she’s dull

    Emma, I suggest you quit the ‘music reviewing thing’ and go look up the difference between ‘their’ and ‘they’re’. Then have another look at line three.

    I give the review two stars.

  9. I think the webchat will be about 8AM my time, and I figure I’ll be awake for it. Is there anything you want me to ask, Renee? (If you aren’t going to participate yourself, that is.)

  10. I think the guys are going to be on Colin Murray’s Radio 1 show soon as well.
    I was listening to his show from last night on the BBC website, and right before he played After Hours, he said “and these guys are going to be joining us on a Monday soon,” or words to that effect.

  11. Seriously! When did you hear that? The last time they were on with Colin Murray was hilarious 😀

    Oh, but that’s nearly a month away still. That’s not fair…

  12. that was an interesting webchat, i’d never done one of those before! a lot of people asked a lot of stupid questions, though. i asked him about north america, and he said “we’re actually working out the american distribution of the new record now”.

    I hope it’s soon!

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