Very brief chat recap, Tiscali session on the 28th

We Are Scientists Praise ‘Radiohead System’
Keith mentioned Radiohead and his opinion of President Bush in this morning’s Gigwise Chat. (Anybody want to offer more details about what happened in the chat?)

ETA with some details from the chat provided by Adrian:

People kept asking Keith things about cheese, so eventually he banned all cheese-related questions. But he still answered someone when they asked whether he liked sliced or grated (he prefers sliced).

I asked him why he was ignoring North America, why he didn’t love us anymore even though we birthed him, and he said:
exactly: you birthed us, and we had to move away from home. imagine how pathetic it would be if we still lived AT HOME WITH OUR PARENTS?
we’re actually working out the american distribution of the new record now

Someone did ask if “Aaron” was the permanent drummer. Keith corrected them on the name and said he was going to tour with them. People kept asking about festivals, and he didn’t know which ones they were playing but said they’d hopefully do some US ones as well.

The other question i asked him was whether or not WAS is going to be on The Mighty Boosh (have you heard of it/seen it? It’s a really great show from the UK), and he said “we keep giving them hints that they should invite us on the boosh.”

Someone asked him about presents that fans had given them, and he mentioned the Keithdoll I gave him 😀 “i once got a voodoo doll of myself. it keeps looking at me

We Are Scientists for Intimate Show
Here’s another “intimate” show planned for the 28th at the Soho Revue Bar in London as headliners of this Tiscali showcase. Go to this Ticketweb page to buy your tickets.


13 thoughts on “Very brief chat recap, Tiscali session on the 28th

  1. jeez I can’t believe they made a whole article about 3 things he said. There was someone there named Paranoid Android, I think they’re the one who asked the Radiohead question. it was really funny when he said the thing about Bush in a box in the river, though…:)

  2. I was getting frustrated with that chat. I’m guessing that the admin never wanted my question to be asked (when the sweaters are going to be on sale)
    Unless someone asked that questiong in the first 3 minutes and there were no repeats. I dont know.
    I wished I could have hung around for the whole thing but I was stuck at work.

  3. @Rachel-
    That questioned never showed up before you got there, but I would’ve liked to know the answer as well! I think one of the better questions that actually showed up was when someone asked why he was a vegetarian, which he never answered. It was really annoying, but at least we got some funny answers.

    Keith has a Keithdoll that I made him, and I have a Keithdoll. I don’t have any pictures of his Keithdoll, but you can see mine at

  4. Chris and Max were at a soundcheck or rehearsing, but Keith made them wait for the fans.

    I keep remembering new things! Someone asked him what bands he absolutely hated, and he said he tries not to hate anyone who makes art. 🙂 (no, that’s not a direct quote) I thought that was really sweet.

  5. Can I just say that last night’s show was awesome, even if Chris’s constant pimping of 02 did kind of make me want to go out and buy an iPhone. I’ve got some photos and videos I’ll put up as soon as I find the right cable.

  6. & it would be great if they were on The Boosh!
    I’m actually listening to After Hours on the radio now, Jo Whiley’s been playing it :]
    She says they’re going to be in the Live Lounge next week, playing After Hours acoustically

  7. i’ve never understood what’s meant to be funny/interesting in asking the favourite cheese question and why people ask that everytime there’s a fan questions thing :s

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