Review, pictures, and videos from “An Intimate Evening Without Protection” & Win tickets to a show next Monday

We Are Scientists Get Intimate At Soho Strip Club review)
Shame on that person who didn’t put their cell phone on silent!

Gigwise has a gallery of pictures too.

But it looks like there’s some even better pictures at the following Flickr sets:


marching.powder which includes a picture of the setlist:

ETA: Mailing list update says you can win tickets to a taping of The Album Chart show at the Koko Club in Camden this upcoming Monday. 50 e-tickets are up for grabs are here at this page. Good luck!


(Many thanks to Andy, Emma, and Laura! Is it just me or do these acoustic versions of the old songs sound better than before?)

A small bit of “Spoken For”

“Let’s See It”

“This Scene is Dead” with the cell phone interruption

and more under the cut here…

Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt

Chris and his shameless plugging of O2

about those Billy Joel haters

Lethal Enforcer

Let’s See It


Cash Cow


12 thoughts on “Review, pictures, and videos from “An Intimate Evening Without Protection” & Win tickets to a show next Monday

  1. That show looks amazing! Damn, wish I lived in London. Didn’t stop me entering the comp though. lol.

    Also I’ve caved and pre-ordered the After Hours set from recordstore. It was too nice not to. I will end up with 5 different copies (3 CDs) of it now. Ooops.

  2. very nice, the second guitar adds ‘the little extra’ to the old songs definitly. Liking it. Bummer the good stuff is always in London and at short notice. 😦

  3. The guardian has a review of the show. its positive in general but this woman so obviously hasnt got much of a clue (about WAS or music in general for that matter). Such an uninspiring review. She s even mixed up their names. And all that in the GUARDIAN…..well, at least she liked the gig.,,2259114,00.html

  4. For those who went to the Soho show – what time did it finish? I’m thinking about going to the one next week and I want to see if I can make the last train home.

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