Watch the guys on Later with Jools Holland tonight!

This Friday at 11:35PM on BBC Two, watch the guys on Later with Jools Holland (some kind soul out there, please find a way to get this on the internet)

Watch their backstage interview here. (Thanks, Laura!)

There’s a picture gallery there too.

We Are Scientists, Soho Revue Bar, London
This is another positive review of the Soho gig from yesterday from The Guardian this time…it’s too bad they got mixed on the guys’ names.

We Are Scientists – Interview
I don’t think I’ve posted the link to this interview before. It’s pretty funny- they interviewed Keith during the Kaiser Chiefs tour.

Don’t forget to check the previous post below because I’ve been updating it to add more videos from that show

And here’s the videos from the show! Thanks, again, to Kee for doing this!

After Hours



20 thoughts on “Watch the guys on Later with Jools Holland tonight!

  1. I hope you can find a way to transfer your tickets to someone else, Susie! (I don’t know why you’d apply if you had the slightest feeling that you couldn’t go.) I’m sure there are fans out there who would appreciate them.

  2. That’s who the other guys are? *is not good about what other musicians other than WAS look like*

    Because when I saw the guy on drums my first reaction was “THAT’S NOT ADAM. LMAO”.

  3. I might have to leave the Youtube videos til the morning, I’m up way early and waiting on BBC to put the video online could keep me up even longer than I had hoped. I’ll give it til 1:30 and if it’s not up on iPlayer then I’ll have to wait til the morning to rip them (if nobody else has done so by then). Sorry!

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