Answers on DIY TV, yesterday’s signing, another album review

DIY TV: Ask We Are Scientists: The Answers!
Watch the video of the guys answering the questions sent to This is Fake DIY.

Scientists Rock City Store
Evening Times story on the Glasgow signing

Fiona has videos from the signing here at her Youtube page.

The Album Project reviews the album here.

And according to this story, the Wembley Stadium event I mentioned in the last post has W.A.S. there on Sunday March 16.

On a side note: I just deleted someone’s anonymous comment who posted a Brain Thrust Mastery download link. As I’ve mentioned before, please don’t share links like that on my site. Also, I have to say a big “fuck you” to the asshole who put everything in the gmail bootlegs account in the trash.


15 thoughts on “Answers on DIY TV, yesterday’s signing, another album review

  1. Your videos are great Fiona, the sound is perfect, thanks for sharing! Can’t wait to see them here on Thurs… 😆

  2. Yes, great videos, thanks big time Fiona. Best performance of Lethal Enforcer I ve heard so far. beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. And when did Keith get such a clear and well intoned voice? That was pretty damn good! Hope it’ll be the 2nd single. Its just fab. And beautiful. Repeating myself? Ok, ok I ll shut up…

  3. they didnt play inaction…they definately played this scene is dead though 🙂

    and btw…keith was performing in his socks(slightly sweaty feet) because his shoes sole was hanging off at the front(i’m guessing this is the reason as they were just behind him :P)

  4. AND i just noticed you can see my arm/hand in the evening times picture 😛 it’s just above chris’ elbow…

    and someone asked them if they were playing t in the park…to which keith replied “man that would be super awesome, I hope we do, but we haven’t confirmed any festivals yet. It’s definetly our favourite one in Britain so I do hope so.”
    *fingers crossed*

  5. oh man, someone actually put all the gmail e-mails in the trash!? jesus, i have to also say a “fuck you” to whoever did that. i can’t believe that someone would actually be that much of an asshole!

  6. Ok, I finally watched all those videos, Fiona- thank you so much! Those were so wonderful! I love love love the Lethal Enforcer one- the album version is my top favorite, but hearing this stripped down version is lovely. I hope they can find a way to perform That’s What Counts in one of these acoustic sessions.

    Yeah, Adrian, I’m beyond annoyed that someone would do that. I’m now working on another option now for hosting multimedia files.

  7. OMG! That’s so not cool. It looks like they’ve all been restored, right? I hope that’s all of them as I haven’t seen everything from the gmail account.

    And Fiona, great captures. Those were sweet!!

  8. Fuckkkk, there were loads of tracks there! That’s awful, I hope you managed to recover them okay Renee.

    As well, thanks for all the links & Fiona, those videos are awesome

  9. Yeah, they’re still there. I hadn’t checked up on the account in a while and when I did yesterday, I was surprised to see the inbox empty! Good thing it takes a while for things to get deleted from there because everything was still in the trash. I just had to move it all back to the inbox.

    Anyway, I’m working on a different option to share live tracks and videos and keep a better track of who’s accessing the downloads and etc. I’ll make an announcement for that within a few weeks’ time.

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