Stream Brain Thrust Mastery, their dream festival line-up, album reviews

Stream the full Brain Thrust Mastery album at now

Scientists Dream a Little Dream
They briefly reveal their dream festival line-up and talk about the cats from the WLaS cover.

They’re in the newest issue of Clash Magazine this month. (Somebody buy a copy and scan it, please! I don’t think I’ve seen that magazine here in the States since Tower Records closed down.)

We Are Scientists – Brain Thrust Mastery
“one of the music worlds biggest surprises in the last year…”

And Contactmusic has their review of the album here.

(Now that all of you have the opportunity to listen to the album, what do you think about it?)


15 thoughts on “Stream Brain Thrust Mastery, their dream festival line-up, album reviews

  1. aah.. finally a decent review over at gigwise..
    album sounds quite grand even though it’s obviously overproduced a little bit.. anyway.. I like it very much.. especially Let’s See It, After Hours & Lethal Enforcer

  2. Woww, I think i’m hooked.
    It’s awesome, really awesome. I hope they leave it on until next week; if they take it off, it’ll be a very long week after this initial listen, haha

    I know what you two mean though, it’s not quite as raw as I hoped it would be.

  3. I listened to it before and I really really love it. I can’t stop listening to it, it’s so brilliant. I like how different it is from WLAS and yet you know it’s them. And I think the lyrics got better.
    You can say it’s overproduced, but I love the new elements they added to their songs. They keyboard on “Ghouls”!! Brilliant! 😀
    I was scared I wouldn’t like it, because this band means so much to me, but I couldn’t be happier. Can’t wait to have it in my hands on Friday (lucky Germany)! 🙂

  4. I really cannot get enough of the album personally. I think it was a huge leap for them, and suprisingly different (in a good way). The songs all have a very distinct feel to them, and I was hooked from the beginning. I hear new things in the tracks almost every time I hear them, and it’s those subtle details that make the album so intriguing. I actually like the production, a lot of people think it’s over produced but I really enjoy all the snyths and bells etc… The only song I can’t say I’m too impressed with it That’s What Counts, it’s a bit too shmaltzy and weak sounding to me. I’m not sure why they chose to put it on the album, or why they ended the whole thing with it, but it is growing on me. I’m just not a fan of the sax…. However, everything else is brilliant, and I have it on constant repeat. Makes me so excited to see them live again!!

  5. I decided to give it in an listen to the NME stream (have to learn the lyrics til end of march after all ;o)).
    I’m just at “Tonight” but I’m already blown away. I LOVE the album. I was afraid I wouldn’t like it because of what was written on the forum and in some (stupid) reviews, but so far it’s absolutely awesome. “Tonight” is great. BTM sounds more rounded and there’s more to it than on WLAS.
    oooh, “Spoken For” is great too. Very sweet. *sigh* Two thumbs up from me. :o)
    So looking forward to holding that little jewel in my hand on Friday (hopefully).

  6. Ghouls is an amazing intro.

    The live version of Lethal Enforcer is so different. The recorded version sounds super 80s. Like that new romantic/new wave sound. Loves it!

    Spoken For is quite heartbreaking.

    I know most of the critics have been saying they’ve strayed away from their “dance-punk” sound but I think some of their songs are still danceable, especially “Dinosaur”

    I’m going to have to agree with you Liam on That’s What Counts. It’s very shmaltzy! I wish they had put Bad Behaviour there instead.

    All and all this album is great! Definitely different. I don’t know what these critics are talking about. Even some of my favorite bands have fallen out of place in my heart when they do the same thing for a next album or do something completely different and suck. But WAS is still WAS on this one no matter how grown up and they sound amazing.

    And about the over-produced, I always think about that on a vocal level. Yeah, there’s some more synth and bells and whistles but Keith still sounds great and not like T-Pain or Britney with that whatchamacallit machine distorting their voices. I love BTM!! So excited to get it in the mail. I had to order it so they could send it to me in Texas a little early! lol

  7. Oh my goodness. I have fallen in love with WAS all over again 🙂 All the songs are just amazingly awesome!
    I hope the album comes to the US around fall, maybe I could get it for my birthday hehe

  8. Blimey, now that is different! After your comments I was prepared for some “over” producing, but I still didnt expect it to be so synthy and clean. After having seen the new songs perfomed live back in autumm and now the acoustic versions on the net this is quite a shock, no?
    Quite daring from their part, chapeau. Nothing is worse than doing the same stuff over and over again.

    After the first listen its surely interesting and begs for a 2nd, 3rd ….. listen. Only two things that stick out already: not a fan of Dinosaurs at all but stunned by Thats what counts. That song is so Wham, gotta love it.

  9. A very strange album for a “With Love and Squalor” fan.

    Except “Tonight”, this album is over producing, and sometimes, sounds like 80’s, with keyboards. Sound is very clean.
    Keith’s voice has changed, but i liked it.

    “ghouls” is so cool.
    I adore “Let’s see it”. so much.
    “Lethal enforcer” is very 80’s song, very Tears For fears song, but i liked Tears For Fears. I like it.
    It’s true: “impatience” sound like Killers, and well…

    I’m sure the album will touch so many different audiences.

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