Australian podcast with Chris, some album reviews, surprise Art Brut appearance, new Youtube vid, show in Paris

We Are Scientists interview
EMI Australia has an insightful interview with Chris about the album. There’s some promising news for you Aussie fans in this podcast too.

The Scotsman says the band “might benefit from a dose of their own aspirational doctrine in order to achieve their full potential.”

We Are Scientists, Brain Thrust Mastery
The Guardian gives three stars and says W.A.S. “fare much better when imposing their guitars on the less predictable ends of 1980s pop.”

We Are Scientists – Brain Thrust Mastery
The First Post says “much of the album, operates somewhere between uber cool and ultra naff.”

We Are Scientists – Brain Thrust Mastery – Review
This BBC reviewer says the album is “a rather lifeless document compared to the sunshine of Love and Squalor.”

We Are Scientists/Brain Thrust Mastery
Teletext thinks they “fail to bring inventive hooks.” (Gosh, this feels like a post of mostly bad reviews of the album, sorry guys.)

GIG Review: The JD Set Presents: Art Brut
Look like there was a special guest singing “Bang Bang Rock & Roll.” There are much better photos of this show here at this Flickr set (thanks to Simone and Laura).

We Are Scientists – Cribs – Brain Thrust Mastery

There’s a show in Paris at Nouveau Casino on April 27 (thanks, Christelle!).


16 thoughts on “Australian podcast with Chris, some album reviews, surprise Art Brut appearance, new Youtube vid, show in Paris

  1. Why does every reviewer have to make comparisons? I don’t get it. Can’t they just say sth. specific about the songs. I don’t know the Killers, I don’t listen to Paul Young or Joe Jackson, so it’s absolutley useless to me. They probably don’t really listen to it, or maybe just once and then write their absolutely meaningless and useless reviews and also wanna show off what they know about music in general and throw in a other names. Argh, this makes me angry. What’s the point? To me BTM is “a heck of” an album and I’m addicted to it. I haven’t felt like this about a band for a loooong time. W.A.S. and BTM rawk! Period. Sorry, I just had to get that off my chest.

  2. I dunno. I only have the first Killers album and they keep making that comparison but I’m just not hearing it. I don’t get it either. I think comparisons are OK for those not familiar with WAS but the right comparisons do wonders for a good review. So everytime it Killers, or Hot Hot Heat, I’m terribly confused.
    WAS’ first album was danceable punk in my opinion. Killers sound new-wave as do HHHeat. This 2nd album by WAS sounds very classic 80s like. Very Naked Eyes or Spandau Ballet. It’s that whole new romantic music genre that blew up in the 80s and WAS is making it their own.

    I don’t think Killers or HHHeat sound like that. They mostly sound like straight up pop to me although, I only have the first Killers album so I don’t know much of their sound now.

    I just wish they’d make good comparisons even if the reviewer didn’t like it a lot. It’s like, “Ok, give ’em 3 stars if ya want but put this band in the right category. Compare them to something they might actually sound like!”

    There! My rants over too Kerstin. lol

  3. “This 2nd album by WAS sounds very classic 80s like. Very Naked Eyes or Spandau Ballet. It’s that whole new romantic music genre that blew up in the 80s and WAS is making it their own.”
    that was a good one. if this would pop up in a review I wouldn’t complain. 🙂
    I guess I don’t mind comparisons in a proper review that is longer than a few lines, but if there are three (!) comparisons in a rather short review, it’s just stupid. anyways, will stop now. sorry.

    I just heard the podcast and I liked what Chris said about that album regarding the songwriting etc.
    It’s such a rich and well rounded album. It is such a pleasure to listen to.

  4. 27 Avril PAris au Nouveau Casinooooooo!!!


    i’m just so hAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAApppppyyyyy!!!!!

    just after my trip to London….. so great….

  5. I bought my copy of the album today!! 😀
    What a stylish booklet, although I always hate it when the lyrics aren’t included.

  6. Aww no lyrics in there?? I was told there was supposed to be “lots of text” in there! BOOOOOOOOO! Or do you have the deluxe edition? Maybe the regular version of the album doesn’t have ’em in there.

  7. Yeah there IS text! But it’s got nothing to do with the lyrics. Personally, I think it’s totally random, but I’ve only read it once in a hurry.

    The last sentence though stuck with me:
    “The raspy whisper of the needle gliding down dark empty canals towards another song.”

    How pretty is that?!

    The rest really is … hard to describe. It seems almost poetic to me. 😉

    I have the regular version, because that’s the only one they had.

  8. Trust me, the rest of the stuff is much more random. I was reminded of the diary Paul Smith keeps on the Maximo Park website. 😀 Although much more WAS-like.
    Lovely pictures too, I wish there were more.

    Also, the credits say Keith A. Murray.
    A friend of mine guessed the A. stands for Ashley. Haha. I wish it was true, I love obscure middle names. 😉

  9. Three sentences is not a review (teletext), is it? And if they’d been consistent with their text they should’ve given it only 1 or 2 stars out of 10. Argh, this should be ignored anyway. I hope the guys don’t take such “reviews” seriously. It’s just rubbish.

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