On MTV2’s Gonzo

They were on MTV2’s Gonzo and did an acoustic version of After Hours:

You can download the audio from this here. Alternate link to download is here.

and their interview:

(Many thanks to polkadots for uploading all of these videos!)

Album: We Are Scientists, Brain Thrust Mastery (Virgin)
The Independent picks “Lethal Enforcer” as the best part of the album.


9 thoughts on “On MTV2’s Gonzo

  1. Does anyone know what the second single will be?

    PS: After hours is down from 15 to 33 in the UK official charts. Shame. But last week s 15 was better than all chart positions of their previous songs. so nevermind.

  2. maybe a little early for speculations, true, but its interesting to see what people would hope to have as a second single. I m with you on Lethal Enforcer. that d be fab. But yes, they played impatience at Later. hmm.
    I ve listened a lot to after hours on the radio (couldnt avoid it on my radio station if i wanted to, they seem to love it!) and there are even better songs on the album which I am anxious to see promoted….

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