Their new album advert, Keith in NME, “wanting an Arctic drummer,” lots from Preston

Brain Thrust Mastery Outdoor Pursuits Advert:

Keith’s in the newest issue of NME (thanks, Hayley!)


We Are Scientists Brain Thrust Mastery
UK’s weighs in on the album

We Are Scientists want Arctic drummer
Chris talks to Daily Star about Matt from Arctic Monkeys. And if you read closely, he says they’re confirmed for the Oxegen festival this year.

You have to visit the Lancashire Evening Post site for their amazing coverage of the Preston in-store: lots of videos, pictures, and a review.

ETA: Download the videos here! (Thanks to Adrian for the ripping and uploading. Use Realplayer to watch the files.)

And look what’s Album of The Day at BBC 6 Music! (Too bad whoever reviewed the album there doesn’t like it)

“Celebrity Hunt” on XFM with Tim Cocker


8 thoughts on “Their new album advert, Keith in NME, “wanting an Arctic drummer,” lots from Preston

  1. The “Outdoor Pursuits Advert” is adorably hilarious. makes me laugh so much every time I watch this. Fantastic. 😀

  2. Ahh, Miranda, that’s brilliant, thankss
    “Tom Smith: a stingy bastard!” hahahaha.
    And I agree with Kerstin, that Outdoor Pursuits video is hilarious.

    Is it me, or are the Daily Star becoming hopelessly obsessed with W.A.S.?
    If so, then i’m not quite sure what to make of it…

  3. The other day I went into HMV, just outside of Vancouver, and BTM album was there. Just one left. I was so pleased with the surprise, I actually almost kissed the album when I stumbled across it. Im sure the employees thought I was a nut case.

  4. Thanks for that, Andy!

    And that’s great to know, Rachel! I know the HMVs I’ve been to in Canada are generally good with stocking import CDs. I’ll definitely be checking Virgin Megastore here in the next couple of days to see if they have the album there too.

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