More album reviews, a German interview with Keith

Indie London says, “The music is much more diverse, the themes more varied and there are some absolute belters among the 11 tracks to choose from.”

Pitchfork says, “The dominant sound of Brain Thrust Mastery is a synth wash that tries to excite like cocaine but ends up numbing like Novocaine, effectively narcotizing what are mostly bland arrangements to begin with.”

Shortlist magazine thinks W.A.S. are more radio-friendly with this album.

We Are Scientists – Interview zum neuen Album
The website’s all in German, but from what I was able to read through Babelfish last night, Keith talks about making the new album and making it sound different from With Love and Squalor, Michael’s departure, what it’s like being more popular in the UK and Europe, and more.

I’ve updated yesterday’s post to show the links to download the videos from Preston.

And it would be a smart move to subscribe to their blog at their Myspace page because it looks like they’ve been updating it more often (and today’s post there is not part of the billion they’ve sent telling us to buy the album.)


One thought on “More album reviews, a German interview with Keith

  1. ah.. I prefer this description of the circumstances of michaels departure.. the odd man out thing didn’t sound very fair! it has to be pretty hard to tour non-stop like the guys did the whole time… so I totally understand tappers decision!

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