Brain Thrust Mastery debuts at #11

#11 in the UK Top 40 Album Chart!

Watch the guys give ITN their daily routine:


28 thoughts on “Brain Thrust Mastery debuts at #11

  1. september…wow i’ll be a senior! the last time i saw them was when i was a itsy bitsy freshmen! i’ve been patient for so long!! to keep sane i just though wwwasd?! haha lame getting excited thinking about it!! but august does sounds perfect-ish…but i can wait a month!

    oh and i never said thanks to renee for all the updates..sometimes i’m wayyy far behind!

    …i aslo typed in dudiacs in google and have no idea what it means 🙂

  2. In the run up to the current Germany gigs, there are plenty of BTM reviews in German magazins, newspapers etc. With not so many Germans on this forum (I suspect) there s no point posting links. But I thought you d be interested that (I got the impression) the reviews are on average much more positive then the British ones. More ‘brave’, ‘evolved’, ‘diverse’ ‘yet danceable’ and much fewer ‘dull’, ‘try harder’, ‘stop making music’. Which is nice.

  3. Its not like there are no bad ones at all. There is the occasional ‘oh my god, 80ies, hell no’ reaction. but the majority starts on a more positive note like ‘oh, thats different, hmm, not bad at all though’. Funny enough the more negative reviews sounded a lot like copies of the early british reviews, which is what they probably are.

  4. Sam, I agree with you. I’ve also read a few quite good reviews. And this made me happy too.
    Despite the (probable) lack of many german ppl here, I want to post a link of an “Intro”-Interview. It’s not really a review but it it’s a good (and rather serious) interview. So, for everyone who understands german:
    it’s a nice interview and covers Michael’s departure as well.

    Anyways, I’m really happy BTM made it into the charts. and I can’t say it enough — I just love this album. 😀

  5. Kerstin, thanks for that, very interesting interview. But did you read the reader comments underneath? What is it with those sad people – in particular in the music scene? I dont get it, they spend hours online, blogging, commenting and only have the meanest things to say often without having listened to the stuff they comment on. Not a single comment to that interesting (!) interview has any concret content or uses an example. Criticism is fine and necessary but damn it, have something to say. God, they make me angry. Useless bunch of p… excuse my language.

  6. yeah, these comments make me sad as well. And I feel the same. But I try (very hard) not to be too angry about it because it’s not worth it. I don’t understand it either. If they don’t like a band why bother reading a 4-page interview? Anyways, the most important thing is that *we* like WAS. right? 😉

  7. Yep, you are right, its not worth it and I usually dont get annoyed by them, pitiful…spiteful creatures that they are :-). But sometimes I cant help wishing them to hell and allow myself the joy of doing so.
    Now that ll be my last comment for this week as I have way overdone it today 🙂

  8. Sam, send me the links to those German articles! I will post anything W.A.S. related in the press regardless of what language it’s in. And don’t feel bad for leaving several comments on this site, I don’t mind seeing discussions like that here. 🙂

    Jaclyn, I think that Canada will be part of the fall tour.

  9. I read a really awful review in the German “Visions” today. They gave the album 7 out of 10 and yet the text sounded pretty negative. My “favorite” part? Something about them trying to sound like Maximo Park and looking for the ultimate “Books in Boxes” (yes, no typo here), but never reaching it.
    That’s what I call bad journalism…

    Btw, I saw them in Cologne on Monday, which was quite amazing. Only 12 songs though and therefor a bit short. I also would’ve liked more songs from the new album, but I guess they’re afraid to disappoint people. They started with Nobody move though, which I thought was great.
    Gonna see them again tomorrow, in Switzerland. 😀

  10. you bet your ass you’re coming to the states in September. and your coming to Philly.
    You guys haven’t been here since like, 06…so seriously. Philly needs you. desperately.

  11. are you serious? Chick lit? hmpf, thats a surprise. Now that is a real shame. Wouldnt lets see it, impatience, LE have been more suitable? I never seem to guess right 🙂

  12. I was hoping for Lethal Enforcer too but if you notice their Myspace player, Chick Lit’s been played more than LE. Plus I’ve been told we’ll be hearing a remixed version of the song that’ll be the radio version so I’m sure it’ll be better.

    And Sam, you think Altered Beast is catchier than Dinosaurs? I’m the opposite, I love Dinosaurs- it makes me want to get violent for no good reason 😉 But I do like Altered Beast a lot too.

  13. A different radio version? Cool. Dont get me wrong, to me Chick Lit in itself is not a bad song. But it s the only song on the album where I agree with some reviewers saying its a wee bit overloaded. Super intense and by the time it comes to the chorus with all its ohhs, i find it quite heavy and a bit nagging. Anyways, I am looking forward to new version, new video and more fun.

    And you clearly have a point with dinosaurs driving people nuts 😉

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