The next single, a German review and interview, album reviews

Chick Lit is definitely the new single. The release date is June 2. The single’s been remixed by a great producer, Alan Moulder. You can start pre-ordering at’s site.

We Are Scientists Exklusiv: Hunde, Katzen, Chris Martin

WE ARE SCIENTISTS & PHONOBOY – Köln, Gloria (24.03.2008)
Review and photos from the Köln show from Monday.

Faster says the album “lacks a bit of gumption.”

Santa Barbara’s Independent says the album has a “mish-mash of strong hits and near misses.”

This interviewer is stuck on the topic of what the band’s name means.

Brain Thrust Razzery
The Spinto Band tells a convincing story on why you should “never enter into a battle of wits with We Are Scientists.” (Thanks, Jenn!)

We Are Scienctists (sic)
The Galway Advertiser talks to Chris about Tapper, living in New York, and in London.


18 thoughts on “The next single, a German review and interview, album reviews

  1. I’m using Apple and my downloads were Great Escape and Lethal Enforcer from the Little Noise sessions. That’s what it said the Windows downloads were too. Hope that helps.

  2. Thanks, Susie! I was trying to download The Great Escape last night and it was downloading Lethal Enforcer again. I think my Safari was just acting up. I checked again a few minutes ago and now it works! Thank goodness. 🙂

  3. Chick Lit is such a great choice!
    I just came back from Switzerland and my second WAS gig this week. I love the new songs and especially this one live SO much.
    The setlist was even better than the one in Cologne, although again I would have loved to hear more of the new album. Afterwards Keith told us that they’re still trying to get the new songs right for the stage. I guess they’ll be ready for the UK tour, cause they’re practicing in soundcheck.
    We also met Max who is so nice and lovely and should run for President dsfkjhedfkjdsfk!!!! 😀

    Only bad thing about this gig? NO banter whatsoever! Like… none. They just said “Thank you” here and there but that was that. Fribourg is in the French part of Switzerland, so maybe they thought nobody would understand them? 😦


    Btw, they have the best backstage passes! I’ll show you a picture once my friends get to upload their pictures.

    And the last thing: Keith’s middle name is Austin – we couldn’t resist to ask because of that “Keith A. Murray” in the BTM booklet. 😛

    I’m off to bed now, this week was crazy and I only got about 10 hours of sleep since Monday.

  4. Aww, thanks for sharing that, Lena! I think the guys know that we’re all anxious to hear Ghouls and That’s What Counts live. Hopefully they’ll be able to fit them in their upcoming setlists soon.

    That’s kinda silly how they’ve got four songs in a row that start with the letter C there.

  5. to be honest..if they played that setlist in glasgow i would be unbelievabley happy…

    i hope they play textbook here SO bad 🙂

  6. Yeah, we asked about Ghouls and he said they’re almost there. It should be great live.

    I was really happy about the setlist as well, especially about Textbook cause after Monday’s setlist I didn’t think they’d play that many songs. 😀

    We also randomly asked about the song Spotomatic Freeze and what it means. Lol. As I thought it doesn’t mean anything, but originates from the song “Poison” by Bell Biv Devoe.

    And here’s the backstage pass picture:

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