Cakespank interview, Guardian podcast, and meet and greet competition

We Are pig-loving pie-hating Scientists
Cakespank talk to the boys about the album, stealing Max and Adam, and cake vs. pie. (Thanks, Adrian!)

Music Weekly – featuring We Are Scientists and Yeasayer
The Guardian interviews them for their weekly podcast. There’s also a live performance of After Hours at the end, around the 36 minute mark.

Win a Meet And Greet with We Are Scientists’s giving away a pair of tickets to the sold-out Shepherd’s Bush Empire show and meet & greet passes.

We Are Scientists will see you now
The Guardian gets the guys to answer the dilemmas of other “indie pop stars”


11 thoughts on “Cakespank interview, Guardian podcast, and meet and greet competition

  1. That Guardian interviewer seemed pissed. Don’t interviewers know by now that they won’t get a serious answers from the boys of WAS?

    Also, I’m changing my ringtone.

  2. God, that Guardian interviewer really is awful. When he said that shit about the sell-out I could have kicked him. What was that for? He should have forgotten about his so highly sophisticated formulated questions and rolled with them. It would have been more fun for him. ANd Chris and Keith definitely *were* funny. God, I love them. 🙂

  3. oooh, good. maybe you can ask there if they got the interview somewhere.

    See, I didn’t remember that he didn’t like the pie crust (but how can you not, that’s the best). I only remembered he doesn’t like cooked fruit. so maybe another cream cake… sadly I don’t bake, so I’m of no use here. 😆

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