Backstage video and more new shows in Europe

Übel und Gefährlich – Filmbeweis 9

And there’s a couple more shows in Europe I added to the sidebar on the right. You can find out more about these shows at the links below:

April 4 – Liège Soundstation
April 5 – Oostende – Kursaal – Karma Hotel
April 28 – Melkweg Oude Zaal
April 30 – Solothurn – Kofmehl
May 1 – Basel – Kaserne³
May 3 – Bologna – Covo Club
May 4 – Wien – Flex
May 9 – Les Nuits Botanique 2008

And Brain Thrust Mastery drops to #38 this week in the album chart (WOOHOO for still being in the top 40!)


9 thoughts on “Backstage video and more new shows in Europe

  1. People, has anyone been to the Munich show?
    Good things first: the new songs, in particular LSI, AH, Impatience and LE were really good, in my opinion even better then the old songs. And the crowd seemed to like them, even know them a little already.
    However, I read what Lena said about the two shows she s been to and I have to agree that it was a shame that there was no interaction with the audience whatsoever. Dont get me wrong, I didnt expect there to be an on stage comedy but I ve hardly been to a gig where the audience wasnt addressed at all apart from ‘thanks you re great’. WAS just more or less raced from one song into the next without breaks and managed to play some 16 song in less than an hour (including the break before the encore).
    In general, it just didnt look like they had much fun. Maybe they didnt like the audience or were tired. With them seeming a little unmotivated to do more than as quickly as possible race down their set list, there wasnt much of a spark between artists and audience. Max and Adam still seemed to have the best time, laughing their heads of when they played out tune once in a while.
    Also, during some parts of the gig the sound was horrible (like one big mash, way to loud). This is not their fault, but didnt help the overall atmosphere.
    Anyhows, it was still an ok gig, and I know it is difficult to pull a great show every night. But a little more interaction with the audience sometimes works wonders……

  2. That’s exactly how it was. Not so much at the gig in Cologne, but definitely at the one in Switzerland. It was so weird! And sad… cause I’ve seen them before and they were nothing like that back then! They talked almost after every song and I mean… that’s kinda how a WAS gig should be, right? It certainly felt rushed to me and although I hope that those gigs in the UK will be better, some part of me would hate that. 😉 Cause it would mean that something about non-English countries freaks them out. 😀

    The music and energy was still amazing though and I can’t wait to see them again!!!!

  3. Neither can I. I am hoping for the one in Sheps Bush to be a good one.
    I guess if in Munich the sound wouldnt have been really bad as well, people wouldnt mind a ‘quick but cool’ gig much. But if there s no interaction plus bad sound on top, it gets a bit sad. I checked the web for comments on the munich show and people agreed the sound was major crap, especially up front. I am positive that that future shows will be better.

  4. The Dresden gig was similar. Although I think the sound was ok, I guess. To me it seemed that only Chris wasn’t in the best mood. I don’t know, everyone can have a bad day but it seems that that more gigs were like this…….
    Actually Keith was in a good mood (so was Max, he was dancing and rocking away. I couldn’t see Adam right behind Chris). He was smiling quite a lot but often looking over to Chris like he’s “seeking” contact. I remember him being out of breath sometimes after playing one song after another (which I can totally understand) and thinking like he could have a break from singing. If you know what I mean. It seemed like Keith was only waiting for Chris so they could “start” with their typical dialogues.
    But still I thought to myself, even if their in not their best mood they are still able to pull off a great gig. And to me, that’s what counts. They definitely made me very happy and I thought it was a great show. A bit short maybe, but I’m seeing them again in May so I won’t complain. 😀
    And it “helped” that we met Keith and Adam afterwards. They were awfully nice and lovely. I still can’t get over it what great guy Keith is. mmmm……
    (Sorry for this long post)

  5. Oh, and I didn’t want to sound like I’m bashing Chris. I loved standing right in front of him. So close 😀 His bass was awesome and I love his dancing. 😀 And I walked behind and past me after the gig, I just saw him too late and he was gone into backstage. Damn…

  6. Well I have seen them in Hamburg and there was a lot of chatting between the songs, but they played rather short, 1 hour or so and it was over. I have seen them twice before, also in Hamburg, and these show were much better, longer, more powerful show and more people. It seem likes they have sadly loose some of there really, really, really excellent live qualities.
    But tehy are still awesome. 😉

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