Quick picture from the Chick Lit video, bits from this week’s NME

Go here to see a picture of the guys in Dublin on the set for their video shoot for Chick Lit.

And there’s bits and pieces of W.A.S. all over the NME this week (thanks to Hayley for the scans):

040208-nme-keithfestivals.jpg 040208-nme-prresponse.jpg
And they were shown as #4 in this week’s Club NME Chart


13 thoughts on “Quick picture from the Chick Lit video, bits from this week’s NME

  1. I wonder who will be running whom out of town? Chris is dressed all in black, does that mean he’s gonna be a villain? Oh, the anticipation! I can hardly wait.

  2. Oh my gosh, I knew that I noticed something about the picture. Brokeback is it! And for some reason, they’re sexy in cowboy gear. But then again, they’d be sexy anyway.

  3. First came the laughter, then the tears followed by much more laughter. That picture is so great! Is it just me or does it look photoshopped? If it is…nice job but I prefer to think of it as a genuine pic because of its pure ridiculousness. Whatever it is, it is truly pure genius.

  4. mh.. the chick lit version that’s currently on their myspace does sound a bit different. the radio edit already (even though that’s not quite what I expect when someone tells me it’ll be a ‘remix’)? .. probably just the crappy myspace player 😀

  5. Ok, I finally went to the Myspace and compared it. I don’t know…I think I have to agree with you, because some of the guitar parts sound louder starting at the “I’ve asked you nicely once…” compared to the album version and it sounds like the background vocals are toned down too. Plus, I remember mentioning earlier that the play count for Chick Lit was more than Lethal Enforcer…now the play count is completely different and it’s a low number. So maybe this was uploaded recently as a clip of the single version of Chick Lit? 😕

  6. “Chick Lit” does sound a bit different on myspace indeed. And in your recent posts you wrote it is remixed by Alan Moulder. He worked for Depeche Mode, NIN, Smashing Pumpkins and even did a mix for Brett Anderson (my favourite singer, former Suede, if anyone’s interested 😉 ), and he mixed the entire FWN for Arctic Monkeys.
    If it’s the radio edit it’s not supposed to sound completely different, right? just probably more suitable for radio. I don’t know. I quite like what I hear on myspace.
    Also the play count is lower because they just uploaded this version yesterday. Before that there was the complete song (album version) in their myspace-player. Just a shame it’s so short now.
    And the picture for the video looks promising. Am I the only one who thinks that Chris doesn’t really look like Chris? I would’ve bever recognized him alone. He looks different. Maybe it’s the glasses and the missing beard. But Keith looks HOT. mmmhhhh….

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