Manchester show in May

They’re playing a show at Manchester Academy on May 17. Buy your tickets here at Ticketmaster.


15 thoughts on “Manchester show in May

  1. people, just back from a gig that I was really impressed with. I dont usually advertise music here but this is worth a big exception (hope that is ok Renee). ‘FOALS’ : I go to tons of gigs but they are special. They re hyped, but its for a very good reason. Minimalist experimental rock, dark, psychedelic, yet based on electronic beats and totally danceable. Technically very good, and fantastic atmosphere. The singer is clearly nuts (think dark Tom Smith gestures but dance rock style) and possibly insanely clever. He is tiny, yet all over the place – on the speakers, on the bar, in the crowd. Started the gig off with a one minute intense gaze into the audience – the whole place went quiet (scared?) with goose bumps. And then there was 60 minutes of brilliant ‘noise’ non stop. Its not easy listening, some arrangements even being close to metal, but a real exception to what usually makes it to the UK top 5 charts (they ranked 3rd). You HAVE TO catch them on their current Europe tour or UK tour in autumm!

  2. Hey Sam, I don’t mind the non-W.A.S. talk here as long as it doesn’t get too crazy. 😆 Thank you for mentioning that because I just got the album recently and I think it’s fantastic. They’re doing a show here in L.A. next month and I’ve been debating in my head if I should go or not. I think your suggestion here has convinced me to buy a ticket! 😀 That Tom Smith comparison better be somewhat accurate because I take my Editors-love seriously.

  3. GO! And yes, the singer clearly uses ‘smithonian’ gestures, is very odd (in a positive sense) and intense on stage, just like Tom, which instantly makes for an interesting show :-). In style and music they obviously have nothing in common. I dont have the album and I knew only one song. They blew me. You’ll love it.

  4. I was really disappointed with the Foals album – I think it’s been really over-produced. Early versions of songs like ‘Balloons’ sounded way better when they were rawer and less glossy. Plus it doesn’t have ‘Hummer’ on there, which is clearly their best song! Saw them live a few weeks ago though, and they were great 🙂

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