Track by track with NME, performances, Nemone show on Tuesday

Keith talks to NME about each track on Brain Thrust Mastery (thanks, AJ!):

Download the video here! (Thanks, Adrian!)

After Hours at

Watch the rest of the performances from at the site. Go to music videos and it should show up as the newest music videos there. They’ve got Impatience and Lethal Enforcer. Don’t bother clicking on the Lethal Enforcer link yet because it’ll only lead you back to Impatience. ETA: 4/14/08 It’s been fixed now! You can watch Lethal Enforcer here

The guys will be on Nemone’s BBC 6 Music lunch show next Tuesday. ETA: 4/22: I don’t think it happened, there’s no sign of this appearance at Nemone’s page. Sorry about that.


9 thoughts on “Track by track with NME, performances, Nemone show on Tuesday

  1. Wow, this NME thing is brilliant. He comes up with the funniest and weirdest stuff. 😀 it made me laugh so much. And the videos are great too. good performances. I so love Impatience.

  2. Grrrrr I should start reading youtube comments. Although, they always annoy me…
    But okay, it’s not Dig Dug. It does sound like it though. *sulks*


  3. Hey folks, how were/are the Britain gigs? How is Oxford Collapse? What can I expect for the London gig later this month? By the way, who is supporting them in London on 25th? Any idea?

  4. Hey,
    Was at the Newcastle gig last night. Oxford Collapse are pretty good and Keith guested briefly which was a nice surprise. Royworld were the other support….they were OK. Not my thing at all. But the main event…AMAZING I wont spoil it for you!

  5. Hey Adrian, I’m not sure if the guys ever went to the Nemone show- I posted that news because I read it as a comment on their Facebook page from some BBC person. I’ve checked out Nemone’s site and there’s no sign of a W.A.S. visit there. Oh well.

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