Keith talks about the tour, burritos, etc., Glasgow tour review

Rock Sellout: Interviews: Keith Murray (We Are Scientists)
Rock Sellout has an interview with Keith where they discuss the tour, to burritos, and the label switch, and lots more.

We Are Scientists at the Barrowland Ballroom, Glasgow
Three star review, but the reviewer thinks that none of the tracks from Brain Thrust Mastery are as catchy as Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt.

WireImage pictures of Keith from the Glasgow show


9 thoughts on “Keith talks about the tour, burritos, etc., Glasgow tour review

  1. Loved it! Fun stuff…and now I’d like to go to a waterpark with Keith.

    Keith! San Antonio has Schlitterbahn! It’s been rated best waterpark in the US 10 years in a row! Let’s go!

  2. Hey thanks for linking to this! It’s a completely directionless interview thanks to my general lack of focus, but I’m glad people are enjoying it.

    Oh and Andy, I’ll remember that about Berwick Street next time I’m in London! Maybe I’ll pass that on to Keith as well.

  3. You’re wecome! I was happy to link to that interview.

    If you were going to try to steer the interview into a certain direction- it wouldn’t happen. They always end up taking control. 😆

  4. It’s funny you say that, because I had read a few interviews with them beforehand – I always do that before a phoner, I hate asking questions that 12,000 people have asked before me, what’s the point? – and I noticed they fell pretty evenly betweeen semi-serious answers and defiantly satiric ones. So I thought I might as well just let it flow and see where it goes. That’s more or less the pattern for most of my interviews though. I’m no journalist and I won’t pretend I am! 🙂

  5. maybe that is the reason we all enjoyed that interview. I did immensely. It was really refreshing reading sth. new, even if it may not be *that* important (music wise). And I guess Keith enjoyed it too, must have been a change to being asked the same questions over and over.
    Anyways, I’m rambling. Just wanted to say, I loved the interview too. Thanks. 😀

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