Manchester review and photos, Crossfire interview, Spinner article, Youtube finds

We Are Scientists @ Academy 2
The Manchester Evening News says W.A.S. has “ruthlessly effective hooks and skyscraping choruses.” ( 😆 at the “better-coiffured Jesus” comment)

Danny North has some excellent photos from the Manchester show here. (Awww, belated happy birthday greetings to Adam!)

Crossfire: We Are Scientists – Interview
Hmmm…3 million dollars to play pre-WLAS tracks? I’ll chip in $5- who’s with me

We Are Scientists Use Their ‘Brain’ On New Album
A short article where Keith talks about recording the album

I’ve found one video of That’s What Counts. The sound quality isn’t so great, but it’s nice to see it performed live for the first time.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be thisclose to Keith when he’s about to crowdsurf in your area this video and this one should give you a good idea.


12 thoughts on “Manchester review and photos, Crossfire interview, Spinner article, Youtube finds

  1. the photos from Danny North are really great. I love the ones during that encore break. That birthday cake in the background on the one where Keith’s eating pizza, sweet.
    Who is this Danny North? Does anyone know?

  2. They should take some of those pics for the opening page of their homepage. The current ones aren’t that good and its time for a change anyways. The one with a sweat soaked keith with his hair flying back gives a good idea of their live shows. Up on the hompage I say.

  3. MY HOUSE!

    Just kidding. I have no idea where, but of course I’d like for it to take place where I don’t have to take a 8 hr+ flight.

    Meh, I don’t care about new homepage pictures, I want a blog update that’s not trying to sell me something or a new video to laugh at.

  4. Very good point and fair enough. And we obviously want that too. Plus the pictures. How about some self-made backstage/tour documentary that is about more than sausages popping out of Chris pants. More like DPT’s Bang Bang Diaries or the ‘road videos’ that Foals have on their myspace site. We should draw up a petition for that 🙂

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