Summercase and Lowlands, Birmingham review, Radio 1 Big Weekend

W.A.S. is listed in the lineup for this year’s Summercase Festival in Madrid and Barcelona on July 18 and 19. (Thanks, Laura!)

Also just noticed on the page that they’re part of the acts listed for A Campingflight to Lowlands Paradise Festival.

They’re playing Radio 1’s Big Weekend on May 10 at the In Music We Trust Stage. (What a great list of acts at the stage that day, I think it’d be worth it stay there all day long)

We Are Scientists, Birmingham Academy
The Birmingham Mail thinks “it all melted into one well-produced but less than memorable song.”

I’ve gotta link to this set at Flickr that has more photos in ManchesterMax is looking FIERCE there.


15 thoughts on “Summercase and Lowlands, Birmingham review, Radio 1 Big Weekend

  1. Grrrrr… at that Birmingham review. Sometimes I think these reviewers think really hard to finally come up with sth. to bash WAS. *wonders*

  2. I will go, its only around the corner from Berlin (though I’d pretty much go anywhere for Editors 🙂 but with WAS it would have been just perfect. But you are right, we shouldnt complain 🙂

  3. If W.A.S. were to do Melt instead, I would break the piggy bank and surpass the limits on my credit cards just to get to Germany to see three of my fav. bands in one weekend. 😛

    Oh, and I looked at that Hurricane festival line up too- that’s a badass list of bands too! Besides the huge headliners there, I’m psyched to see Jason Mraz’s name on the list. 😀 Sheesh. And to think the UK had all the good festivals…

  4. I knew that was coming. I’ve applied for Saturday already because Editors were announced for that day. I’m sure tripping it to Kent would be fun. lol.

  5. unfortunately i cant afford to go…plus it’s on the day i’m now celebrating my birthday with the family…thanks to the WAS gig in Glasgow…so it’s not such a big deal 😛

  6. bloody birmingham mail, i was there and it was an amazing show better then the enemy’s homecomming show (i went to it the week before) in my opinion

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