More from Birmingham, on BBC 3 tonight, and an Australian interview, Ibiza Rocks

Birmingham Live: We Are Scientists at Birmingham Academy 18th April 2008

We Are Scientists Ramshackle Brum Friday 18th April 2008
Look at the guys doing some DJing and lots of Keith wearing a sombrero.

According to this, they’re on The Wall tonight on BBC3 at 23:00
(ETA: They performed Chick Lit! This is on the BBCi Player NOW- UK people, if you can rip videos from that BBCi Player- pretty please do it and share the links so all of us can watch it. I know there’s programs out there that can do it.)


(Many thanks to Laura for getting this done!) We Are Scientists
Chris talks about making the album and about a tour in Australia

NME reports that they’ll be at Ibiza Rocks this year on July 22.


14 thoughts on “More from Birmingham, on BBC 3 tonight, and an Australian interview, Ibiza Rocks

  1. Make Model have been touring with Frightened Rabbit (well really the other way round), if I get the chance I shall talk to the FR guys about MM on Friday.

  2. The Wall is so bad! I felt so sorry for Jason Donavan… WAS were the only good thing about it… I loved Keith smiling at Chris through the song!

  3. The London show last night was great! They played almost all the new album, with really good versions of Chick Lit and Lethal Enforcer 😀

  4. Thank you Laura. That was awesome. 😀
    It sounded great. But that camera “work” made me dizzy. And did you see the audience, just standing there. But Keith looked great.
    Thanks again. 😀

  5. My pleasure Kerstin! Yay, got it done…eventually 😆

    The Wall has got to be one of the worst shows I have ever seen. Truly terrible…

    I’m going to the London show tonight and I’m all excited! Come on…is it time to leave work yet??? 😀

  6. Yeahh, I have to agree with you about The Wall.. I hope they don’t think all UK ‘comedy’ shows are as bad as that!

    Ahh, and I saw them in birmingham last Friday 😀
    I can’t believe it’s been almost a week already, but it was brilliant. I just wish I could get to more of them!

  7. I agree about The Wall aswell ha!
    Ooo im seeing them in Ibiza again this year!
    Lol 8th time 🙂
    Last year was amazing…everybody thought me and my boyfriend were ‘with the band’ 🙂

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