Sheffield, Southampton and London reviews, more tour dates, Sentimentalist article

This is Fake DIY had this to say about the Sheffield show: “despite the band’s brilliance, the majority of the crowd just didn’t seem to want to know when it came to the new material.”

The Hampshire Chronicle said this about the Southampton show: ” the sound let them down in both their banter and their performance. It was altogether too loud, almost distorted, and the bass drowned out the vocals more than is good.”

Hmm, not the best reviews of the tour we’ve seen so far.

Watch this adorable video instead.

Also check out the post below this one to download that performance from The Wall.

This is London had this to say about the show at Shepherd’s Bush last night: “they rattled through 19 brisk songs to the delight of their young audience, pausing only for a neat line in knowing wit and moments of eyebrow-raising peculiarity.”

There are more tour dates shown at I’m not sure if tickets have gone on sale yet for these shows:
June 24 – Preston – 53 Degrees
June 25 – Leeds – Leeds Metropolitan University

We Are Scientists: Powerful, Non-Vacuous, Brain Thrust Masters of Rock
Sentimentalist Magazine talks to Keith about the tour and etc. (GRRRR! Hurry up- we want rock hard solid tour dates here, damnit.)



13 thoughts on “Sheffield, Southampton and London reviews, more tour dates, Sentimentalist article

  1. yes, that *is* the one of the cutest things I have ever seen. Chris is so sweet with him. awwww, such a cute kid. can’t get over it.

  2. Honestly, I’m sitting in a coffee shop with my hand over my mouth as to cover my squeals when I saw little Dash. I think the other customers think I’m crazy…or looking at porn.

  3. 😆 I was happy to be home when I found that video. If this was watched at work, it’d be hard to contain the loud squeals and “GAAAAHHH SOOOO CUTE!”

    I hope those kiddie-headphones blocked out most of the sound in that venue. It must’ve been SO LOUD in there!

  4. Great great show in London at the Koko, great show too in Paris. Maybe i’ll go to Bruxelles next! Max Hart is just to cute on stage. Chris is very kind. will send you a report! hihi.

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