Chick Lit video, photos and a review from a couple of shows

NME’s got the Chick Lit video on their media player. You can scroll down this page to find the link to the streaming video there.

(ETA again: No more Youtube video or downloadable file available. There’ll be a Youtube video up soon as well as an iTunes option on June 2.)

Photos from Shepherd’s Bush

Night 1 – Set 1
Night 2 – Set 1 and Set 2

Photos from Nouveau Casino

The Coventry Kasbah shows a June 23 date with W.A.S. there. Fight Like Apes will be opening for them on this date and for the Preston and Leeds shows

Night of True Mastery from the Scientists
The Huddersfield Daily Examiner reviews the Sheffield gig.


17 thoughts on “Chick Lit video, photos and a review from a couple of shows

  1. NME has them at Glasto as well.

    The Chick Lit video is just amazing. I watched it about 20 mins ago and I’m still smiling. 😀

  2. I *love* the video. It’s fantastic. My favourite part is them at the fireplace. and how Keith “tries” to look like some tough cowboy made me giggle. I can’t stop wondering how on earth they(?) come up with stuff like that. ingenious.

    And it’s nice to read a positive gig review after all. 😀

  3. A label rep. told me so. I’m guessing they’re allowing NME to have the exclusive rights to air it online for now and soon enough they’ll have it on the official W.A.S. channel on Youtube.

  4. does anybody know what codec the .mov-file uses.. my quicktime just won’t play even though I’ve got the lastest version.
    thanks so much for the news roundup.. totally lovin’ the video 😀

  5. If that video file I uploaded before doesn’t work on Quicktime, try saving it as a .wmv file. My browser confuses me sometimes with how video files are played because they can look like either .mov’s or .wmv’s. If it doesn’t work on Windows Media Player, use VLC media player.

  6. thx renee, I guess there’s something wrong with the codecs on my computer.. vlc and wmp won’t play it either. but I’ll figure it out somehow.. anyway, thanks for helping me and uploading it! =)

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