Glastonbury, BBC’s Chart Blog, US iTunes Pre-order

They’re at Glastonbury this year, and according to NME, they’re on June 27 at the other stage.

We Are Scientists – Bleeding-Heart Liberals, And Their Exploding Drum Carpet
Chris gets interviewed by BBC Radio 1’s Chart Blog.

Look what I got in my email today from Apple:

We Are Scientists returns with Brain Thrust Mastery, the much-anticipated follow-up to the band’s incredibly successful debut album, With Love & Squalor. After Michael Tapper retired his drumsticks late last year, the band enlisted Adam Aronson on drums and added Max Hart on keyboards and guitar. With new bandmates onboard and a good three years of genuine rockstar experience under their belts, founding members Keith Murray and Chris Cain knew just what to do on their sophomore effort. While their sound has been slightly toned down, their California-influenced dance-punk style is still evident on tracks such as “After Hours,” “Chick Lit,” “Tonight,” and “Ghouls.”

Brain Thrust Mastery comes with the exclusive track “Dance Off,” and when you pre-order, you’ll also get the bonus track “Best Behaviour” when the album is released on May 13.

Check it out.

Looks like I’ll be getting my fourth copy of the album here. 😀


10 thoughts on “Glastonbury, BBC’s Chart Blog, US iTunes Pre-order

  1. Gah, how I wish they were doing some summer festivals here in the states. I mean, I know they said they’ll be here late summer/early fall but it’d be amazing to see them outside on a stage. Oh wells…

  2. oh, I want to pre-order it but I don’t have iTunes! it’s it just a download that’s for pre-order or the actual CD?

    Dance Off? this certainly sounds good.

  3. Adrian, iTunes is downloads-only so if you want the track, the only way to get it is currently through iTunes. There’s always the possibility that maybe other retailers might offer an option similar to this but not through iTunes, like Insound ( ) does this often with some pre-orders. Or, like I mentioned to Fiona, it could end up being a b-side for one the upcoming singles. It’ll eventually get online as a DRM-free track.

  4. i was hoping that the BTM vinyl would be like the WLAS vinyl and have some extra songs(that were b-sides) like Best Behavious and i suppose this other new song…i was a little disappointed.

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