Chick Lit video, show on the 14th, Pub Snack Challenge

You can watch the video on Youtube now (and in high quality!) 😀

And I’ve also found out that Dance Off, the bonus track on the U.S. iTunes pre-order package, will be a b-side on one of the Chick Lit vinyls.

New show coming up soon:

May 14 – Barfly at the GloucesterTickets are here

BBC 6 Music – We Are Scientists – Pub Snack Challenge


12 thoughts on “Chick Lit video, show on the 14th, Pub Snack Challenge

  1. Two more UK dates: 14th May at Brighton Barfly and 14th June at Barfly at The Gloucester.

    Found when randomly searching Ticketweb and Seetickets. Tickets are on sale for both.

  2. Thanks, Susie!

    But you meant one show, right? I was double checking those dates at Ticketweb, See Tickets, and it was May 14 for the both of them…then I went to the Barfly’s website and it only shows that date too.

  3. Did anyone find a longer review of the Sheps Bush Shows on 25th? Even though its been a big, sold out venue and all, I cant find anything on it…I d be quite interested what reviewers made of it.

  4. There may have been some local London newspapers that might have done reviews on the Shepherd’s Bush shows, but if a review’s only been published in print or if they don’t show up on Google alerts or, then I wouldn’t know about it until someone else lets me know. Maybe one of the big magazines like NME or Q might have a review for it that they’ll publish in their magazines? I don’t know.

  5. Aaah poo. I just noticed on the 6music site that they were on the Steve Lamacq show last Friday!

    I’ll try and rip it today before they remove it from the iplayer as they only stay up for 7 days. Watch this space… 😀

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