Chick Lit acoustic video, photos from Bologna, After Hours on a Sony commercial

You can watch a video performance of Chick Lit at The Sun’s website
and you can download it here and the interview from the last post in this link. (thanks, Adrian!)

There’s a lot of good photos from the show in Bolgona:
Set 1
Set 2
Set 3

And I finally found that Sony commercial with After Hours playing in the background. Watch it here.

I like this fan video of Textbook from the show in Vienna.

Have I posted this Brain Thrust Mastery video before? I’m watching it and I don’t think I’ve seen it until now


14 thoughts on “Chick Lit acoustic video, photos from Bologna, After Hours on a Sony commercial

  1. Hmm… that commercial makes me really want to hear the instrumental version of “After Hours.” Can you throw a bit about that into your next email to the guys?

    Also, I don’t suppose you ever found the Bishop Allen commercial for the same campaign? Weird that they never put it up…

  2. The official site? Yeah, I know. With the exception of the “Children Are Fucking Obsessed With Us” write up, I’ve already reported on everything else listed there days ago.

  3. Hmm… Vienna. They need another show there and they need it WHEN I’M THERE.


    Also, Renee, this is why you rule and I suck. I had totally already googled that multiple times with no luck.

  4. haha..thanks for confirming that ‘After Hours’ is on the new Sony commercials!

    I watched the ad a couple of days ago and thought I’d heard “After Hours” -but wasn’t completely sure. How smart of Sony to use such a great tune!

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