Show in San Francicso this July and Chicago this August, Astralwerks has a W.A.S. page now, LAist interview, article from The Independent

Holy shit, fellow American fans –

CHICAGO!!! August 8 at Abbey’s Pub. Tickets go on sale THIS SATURDAY at noon CST at Ticketweb.

And now San Francisco has a show on July 6 at the Independent. Nice! Tickets for that show go on sale this SUNDAY at 10 AM PST also at Ticketweb.

*cross your fingers for more dates to be announced*
ETA: Check this out for some reassurance.

And it looks like Astralwerks got a page up for the guys here. Check out the webisodes there! (I’ve been laughing for the past half hour now at this stuff.) (Sorry, it looks like the webisodes section is offline now. Damn.)

LAist Interview: We Are Scientists
The guys discuss their influences on the album, and give a more specific hint about the upcoming U.S. tour- west coast fans, pay attention!!!

The funny, peculiar world of We Are Scientists
Very interesting bit here from this article:

The name Brain Thrust Mastery comes from the lunchtime seminars the duo gave in university lecture halls during their last UK tour. An unmusical blend of self-help and sketch comedy, the format was so successful that it has been picked up by a television company and turned into a series of six 10-minute episodes to be shown on the band’s website. The series (also entitled Brain Thrust Mastery) has a simple premise: Keith and Chris play two guys called Keith and Chris, who are in a band called We Are Scientists, with a sideline in self-help seminars. The premise differs from reality only slightly: in the show, the guys want to quit music and become full-time self-help gurus.

(So for those of us who either stayed up very late last night or woke up early and saw this post, we’re very lucky to have already watched the half of the series!)


37 thoughts on “Show in San Francicso this July and Chicago this August, Astralwerks has a W.A.S. page now, LAist interview, article from The Independent

  1. I can’t believe it!

    They have to announce more dates…please! Either way, I’m totally buying a ticket to this. I don’t know how I’ll get there, but I’ll find a way…

    Ohh I’m so glad they’re playing in July, if they announce that’s when a West Coast tour is then I could maybe see them on my birthday!

  2. shame I missed the vids! Hopefully they ll be back up later.
    By the way, the Berlin show was really good (for those who remember, I was a little upset about their munich show some time ago). Berlin: great sound, loads of meaningless but funny banter, lovely tiny venue and great performance. The crowd was a bit lame but that actually gave you a chance to watch and enjoy the show rather than just bounce…. anyways, lovely evening and quite good aftershow party too. Happy days.

  3. Yeah I don’t even know how long those videos were online- I just felt like checking the Astralwerks website last night, and I was surprised to see all of those things there! I really wish I could watch ’em again. I was re-watching the one with the drinking challenge this morning. 😆

  4. The webisodes were really, really good – Keith’s reaction in the drinking contest was so funny. Someone give these guys a sitcom!

  5. I enjoyed that tirade of cursing after that guy disagreed with Keith. Oh, and I don’t think it was in that same webisode, but that other one with them doing those “British” accents was so hilarious.

    “Someone give these guys a sitcom!” — I know, huh? I wonder if these webisodes are the reason why there was talk a few months ago about the guys getting their own show.

    I really thought they were naturally good actors with these webisodes. They’ve had other videos that can be kinda over the top sometimes, but these were really fucking funny and entertaining to watch. I think anyone would enjoy them even if they don’t like We Are Scientists, the band.

  6. hey Sam, I was at the aftershow party too. 😀 Did you talk to the guys? there weren’t many ppl there. so I must have seen you. I talked to Chris for quite a while.

    I agree about the Berlin gig, great show, good sound, but kinda lame crowd. where were you during the gig, in the back or front? did you see keith in the audience? Unfortunately I was only in the back, but I had my fun nevertheless. Great guys.

  7. Sorry to be a tease, dudes! Astralwerks put those vids up by accident — they’re not actually “released” yet. We’re still working on the timing, but episode 1 will probably be out in the next week or two.

    I offer you this carrot as recompense:

    We are doing all kinds of East Coast and West Coast touring this summer. And we are bringing awesome support.

  8. hmmm, glad to hear that. I was starting to get a bit jealous that I haven’t seen the webisodes. so, sth. new to look forward to after all “my” gigs are over now.
    thanks for updating on it. 😀

  9. My guts tell me Oxford collapse has to be that awesome support. That would make you guys across the pont lucky people.
    Kerstin, I was sort of up front, 4th row or so. Were you the girl with the poster at the aftershow party? Blond curly hair? I was with an British guy. Unfortunatly we were rather drunk and I am not sure Keith or Chris thought us that very charming. Vodka is never a good idea on a tuesday :-). Chris – if you read this – apologies for being rather rude. Still a nice evening.

  10. 4th row, nice.
    Yes, that was me with the poster. ahem… I just had to have it, still don’t know where to put it though.

    I only remember one drunk guy at the aftershow party. he bumped into me and totally hit me on my forehead and spilled my drink while I was talking to Chris. It was such a weird situation. I hope that wasn’t you. 😉 also, this is why I quit drinking vodka just before the gig. hehe.

  11. Can you bring back teh Spinto Band as support? I miss their dancing as you play.

    (Only really posting ‘cuz she wants to see the variations of aliens on the recent comments column. This is fun. :P)

  12. Kerstin, I know the guy you were talking about, he was in a real bad state and no, we werent half as drunk! Ive seen your myspace profile, I ll send you a message later 🙂

  13. Im so stoked for WAS coming back to N.A.. I really hope they don’t forget Vancouver!!

    And I agree with Jenn, bring Spinto! I loved them at the last show. Too funny.

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