Happy Birthday, Keith!

It’s Keith’s birthday today! Happy birthday!!!

Keith at Radio 1\'s Big Weekend
See pictures from the Radio 1 Big Weekend performance here.

Hula Hooping Backstage with Jo Whiley:

Duffy sings happy birthday to Keith.

The birthday boy on stage:


17 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Keith!

  1. They just said on radio1 that Jo Whiley came onstage and presented him with a cake for his birthday, and he threw it at the crowd!

  2. Just caught the end of their set on tele… it was a dog shaped cake!!! which he promptly pulled the head off and threw into the crowd just like Sandra said!

    Those videos made my day!!

  3. There seems to be a video of them on Radio 3. But it says it won’t play in the states. Anyone seen this? Or has it been posted before?

  4. re: birthday boy vid — 😆 nice of Keef to take a bite before throwing it out to the audience. I love how the video stops right before it hits ’em. 😆

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