Have you bought your copy of Brain Thrust Mastery yet?

U.S. fans, it’s available now!

It’s on iTunes with the bonus track “Dance Off” (which you UK fans will get on one of the “Chick Lit” singles) that’s available to preview and buy separately.

There’s Amazon.com where you can get the regular version or the limited edition version.

And of course, you can check your local stores to see if they’re carrying the album there.

The Onion’s AV Club says the album “contains very little filler, and the album might be worth storing away in a time capsule to someday show how alternative rock has evolved over the past two decades.”

Livedaily says that Keith and Chris “take the concept of their previous songs–startling, rapid indie rock and ’90s garage-driven tunes–and turn them into Cure-like unforgettable ’80s new wave melodies, TV on the Radio climaxes and Bloc Party-esque lively guitar moments.”

Paste Magazine says the album “opens with a promising TV on the Radio pulse that ebbs and disintegrates into the album’s oscillation between bittersweet gems, darker retro crawls and Hall & Oates flirtations.”


24 thoughts on “Have you bought your copy of Brain Thrust Mastery yet?

  1. Oh fucking hell, I just noticed that 21 & over thing…no fair! You deserve to see them this year. What a shitty choice for this venue to have this age limit- if I could make you a fake ID, I would. 😦

  2. yeah, this bites.

    This venue is a bar, but I saw an all ages show there just last summer! So maybe it’ll end up being all ages. Though it might have had something to do with the fact that the second band (5 people) were all under 21. And, there’s a new law so that 21+ venues can have all ages shows, as long as they give everyone who can have beer a wristband or something…

    my fingers are crossed!

  3. does anybody know where I can get the Dance Off track? I just have the 30 second snippet from itunes but I’m in the UK!

  4. We Are Scientists’ got some new dates on their myspace, including Lowlands, woehoe:) *which makes it official, and on the 17th and not the 15th:P

  5. Joe, as I said in this post, “Dance Off” will be a b-side on the Chick Lit single released next month.

    For now, U.S. fans can gloat about being able to exclusively get this funky-sounding bonus track. 😛

  6. While patiently waiting for this announcement, I’ve checked the usual ticket sites and saw they’ve listed Pennsylvania (Johnny Brenda’s) for July 29 and New York for July 31 (Music Hall of Williamsburg) and (Bowery Ballroom) August 1.

  7. Flip, why do they go to Seattle once I dont have a car to get there 😦 I have a bad feeling they arent visiting Vancouver this time around if they have T in the Park on the 12th.

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