Concert Live Recordings, behind the scenes of Chick Lit

Did you know you can still buy those live CDs from Concert Live?

It’s not just for UK or European residents either- they ship EVERYWHERE. These were made in limited quantities and once they’re gone- that’s it! Don’t let some bastard at eBay make you pay hundreds when you could’ve spent only 14.01 GBP per CD. (Who knows? Maybe these CDs will cost more than those damn pre-WLAS CDs that are fetching over a $100 these days…) If you’re curious about what it sounds like, they’ve got samples of After Hours in Glasgow and Chick Lit in Birmingham there.

Behind the scenes look of Chick Lit here:

Popjustice posted what the Chick Lit single sleeve looks like:


3 thoughts on “Concert Live Recordings, behind the scenes of Chick Lit

  1. I just got an email from Concert Live advertising the fact they still had those CDs. lol. It also said the first five of each batch were signed by the band so that’s some lucky people who got them.

  2. yeah, the cd is pretty great. I’ve got the london show and unfortunately it doesn’t have “That’s what counts”. But hey, I’m not complaining. It nice to have the new songs live on cd.

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