MTVU House Band and Chick Lit week, on Fuse this Wednesday

Have you bought your copy of Chick Lit this week?

There’s a couple ways to buy it as mentioned in today’s newsletter:

1) Order all three physical formats — a CD and two vinyls — for ₤3.

2) Download the digital bundle from iTunes for ₤2.50 and get remixes by Matt Helders and Danger. U.S. iTunes has the EP at this link here.

And you can find it in your local record store, or if you’re lucky enough to be in Preston, Nottingham, London, or Cardiff this week, you can see the guys perform at a record store there AND buy the single.

This week W.A.S. are MTVU’s House Band. Go here to watch those Brain Thrust Mastery webisodes AND watch the other Q&A stuff there.
Webisode 1 “Confidence”Webisode 2 “Relationships”Webisode 3 “Wealth”Webisode 4
MTVU Interview Part 1Part 2Part 3

And I just found this out from the Astralwerks website:
On June 11th at 4PM We Are Scientists will be the special guest on FUSE Steven’s Untitled Rock Show! The band will be discussing the making of “After Hours” video, Chris’ mustache and Michael Caine.
DOWNLOAD: Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4


18 thoughts on “MTVU House Band and Chick Lit week, on Fuse this Wednesday

  1. I’ve got tears in my eyes. I’ve only seen the first webisode so far, but this is the most entertaining stuff I’ve seen in ages.
    I love Chris’ German/Austrian accent.
    “The map does not look like Billy Zane!” hahahaha “It *is* Billy Zane.” ROTFL.
    And the scene in the bath tub… I could go on and on. this is hilarious. Great stuff. They are so awesome. Wow. Can’t get over these guys. They are the best.

    Btw, are these the webisodes you talked about a while ago that were uploaded by accident and taken down again?

  2. actually, it’s Michael Caine. sorry, don’t mean to be picky. 😉

    the webisodes are incredible indeed. Keith and Chris are so good at that. and half-naked Chris at the end of the 2nd one is a real treat…. ahem… very funny scene in general.

    God, those short films are full of great jokes and ideas. I love those guys. Sorry for being quite a fangirl at the moment.

  3. I just fixed it! I copied and pasted from the Astralwerks site so they’re to blame for the misspelling. 😛

    Trust me, Kerstin, I could go on and on about parts I adore about these videos too! The one you mentioned made me laugh so hard. 😆 However, I am annoyed that MTV’s censored so much of the cursing that was originally there.

  4. Yes, shame that the cursing is censored.

    Thank you Renee for preparing the files to download. As always, I highly appreciate this. I wouldn’t know what and how I would do this. Thank you so much.

    The cigarette thing is too funny. 😆

  5. oh my… the films are hilarious! Chris half-nude in a bath, Keith trying to wake up Chris, The Billy Zane Map, the tail billiard and what Keith done with it(uhuh), waw…

  6. These made my night last night…so, sooooo frickin’ funny! I think my neighbours wondered what was going on… 😆

    Must put them on my ipod tonight!

    Thanks for uploading Renee!

  7. Ooohhh, I received my bundle. 😀 Looks really great. Great design. Lovely pictures. Never owned a white and red vinyl in my life. *sigh* WAS make my life so much better. 😆 that’s actually kinda sad… :-/ I don’t care. Now I have to get that record player working…

  8. I’ve just finished watching the whole thing. They need a TV show. I love the anthony rossomando references. Keith going to chris in bed like a small child. Classic

  9. Hey Adrian, I got it covered. It’s on my DVR but I can’t hook it up to my computer so I used a digital camera, propped it up on a tripod, and recorded the show through there so I could transfer it to my computer. It’s not bad! I should have the link for everyone to download this video hopefully sometime tomorrow night or the next day. I’m hoping that Fuse’s site will eventually upload the interview on their site and I can save the video there.

  10. I spoke to keith today, and he said that he actually does sneak into chris’ room, and that was filmed with a hidden camera :p I know he’s only joking but it’s so funny.

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