Ticket giveaway for the Inidgo2 show, German video interview, photos from Nottingham

The latest news from the mailing list has a link for a ticket giveaway to Indigo2 show on June 19. Go here for you chance to win.

James Arnold took some very nice photos from the Nottingham signing here.

We Are Scientists interview from TV.B
This is a video interview with Keith and Chris shot last month while they were in Germany.

I’ve updated the post from June 5 about Best Week Ever and Conan with the download links. I’ve been ripping these videos myself (Yay for Snapz Pro X) and converting them to .avi files. I hope all of you are cool with having these as .avi files. If you prefer .mpg files, let me know in the comments field. I’m not sure what everyone’s preferred format is, so if there’s enough of you out there that want .mpg files, I will go with that format.


10 thoughts on “Ticket giveaway for the Inidgo2 show, German video interview, photos from Nottingham

  1. Oooh, that interview in Berlin was sweet. Both looked great. Can’t believe I saw/met them again later that day. *sigh*

    Those were quite a few questions. I’ll have a go. I just write them here.

    1) You want Switzerland to be relocated to the Bahamas so that you can jet ski on a lake of chocolate on that Switzerland area?

    2) Your music is like a race car smashing into a giant birthday cake! How did you come up with that?

    3) What’s the concept behind your new album “Brain Thrust Mastery”?

    4) How do you keep your brains fit? Do you play Nintendo logic games?

    5) How did you come up with the album cover? It looks like you’ve had quite a party going on?

    6) What’s your recipe against a hangover the next morning?

    7) What’s behind the sausage parties on youtube?

    8) What are the sausages like in the U.S.?

    9) What is so special about New York? What is a must for every tourist?

    So, I hope you all understand what the questions are about.

    And I must say that again: Chris’ German is really good. Oh well, and that nursery rhyme… lol he did it a few years back on another interview but inserted Keith’s name. 😆

  2. Thanks for that, Kerstin! I was wondering why Keith had that answer on that first question. His answer made me want to have chocolate, but then listening to the answer that involved stuffing his mouth with oysters made me wanna gag (I do like oysters, but I don’t think I could eat that many at a time).

    It’s always nice to watch an interview with interesting questions like that!

    I remember hearing Chris sing that rhyme before too, what does it mean again?

  3. Someone already translated it on youtube. I will just paste that comment slightly changed.

    Howilein (something like Howie-boy) goes alone to the berlin fucking society.
    pants down, legs spread wide.
    fucking is a little thing (kleinigkeit?!)

    oh, that Chris…. 😆

    yeah, that oyster thing made me gag too. urgh.

  4. I’m going to that show!

    but two opening bands? I don’t want to have to sit through two opening bands! I just want to see WAS! I hope they’re both good, or it’s going to be really hard…

  5. I know! But I really like both bands(‘specially the morning benders) so it shouldn’t be too bad…I just saw TMB last month and they were a really fun band to watch 🙂

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