Interviews and a signed CD giveaway

INTERVIEW: We Are Scientists
The Yorkshire Evening Post interviews Chris about speaking dogs, rowdy northern fans and a particular fan from Portland (I wonder who he’s talking about? 😆 )

PAPER TV: We Are Scientists Are Ballers. Foosballers, That Is
Papermag has a brief video interview with the guys here.

We Are Scientists Interview Pt. 1: Change in Members, Weird Al, LSD Parrots
This interview covers topics including the new album, Michael’s departure from the band, and Weird Al.

Starpulse is giving away three signed copies of Brain Thrust Mastery. Enter here (US fans only)


9 thoughts on “Interviews and a signed CD giveaway

  1. I’ll be the first to say it since you’ll see this soon enough: congratulations, Adrian! How many times is it now that you’ve been mentioned in interviews like this?

  2. oh my god! chris cain called me really nice!

    oh, that was awsesome. that was actually the fourth time they’ve mentioned me. 8) I don’t mind at all, Chris! I take pride in being obsessive and weird 🙂

    oh man..I can’t wait till the rest of my family wakes up so I can tell them about this.

    thanks for finding that, renee! i’m so excited now…I can’t wait to see them again. 😀

  3. decent interview, on the interviewer’s part….Chris took the cake with that one though. There was a really great one from a while back I am trying to find about bears and sharks and things. it took place in canada I’m pretty sure. that one was one of my favorites

  4. oh, I think I know the one you’re talking about. the page it was on was blue, and there were lots of pictures of them? didn’t the bear and shark fight, and there was something about…an army of deer? and army of something. and something to do with the Hoover Dam?

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