An interview, reviews, and Letterman next month

We Are Scientists Interview Pt. 2: Fidel Castro, Smurf Tattoos, Weight Loss
Chris answer questions about animals, tattoos, and how to stay slim.

Thrust Your Mastery of the Brain
An excellent track by track review of the album is here. has a review and photos from the guys’ set at Rock-A-Field in Luxembourg.

Another set of good photos from Rock-A-Field can be found here.

They’re going to be on the Late Show with David Letterman on July 28th. (I know, it’s more than a month in advance. I’ll post another reminder about it the day before it airs.)

I hope all of you are voting for them at the Book the Band contest at Virgin Mobile Festival 2008. They’re at 2nd place, but it’s 14% versus an overwhelming 70%. C’mon, people. Help Keith get his belated birthday present.

And for Southern California W.A.S. fans who still don’t have tickets to the U.S. tour kick-off next Tuesday(!!!) go to Losanjealous and get the details on how you can win tickets to the show and a signed CD and poster.





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