Glastonbury coverage

NME interview at Glastonbury (thanks, AJ!):

BBC6 Music gets Keith and Chris singing a bit of All That She Wants:

pictures from’s Glastonbury gallery:

Lightspeed Champion Joins We Are Scientists Onstage
He played with the guys during the performance of After Hours.

We Are Scientists Discuss Their Performance Last Night
Gigwise gets the guys’ thoughts on how Glastonbury was

Down on the Farm
The Guardian talks to some of the bands from Glastonbury about farming- they’re at around the 19th paragraph of the article.

Photos from BBC are here.

Another one from the BBC (not on the previously linked page):

And you can watch a stream of the performance here, and what a surprise- it’s not blocked for me so you non-UK residents might be able to watch this stream too.

BBC 6 Music interview

Audio of full set

The full video of the performance

Interview with Edith Bowman and Zane Lowe & the performance of After Hours with Lightspeed Champion

(Many thanks, again, to Laura for all of these videos!)

And for something not Glastonbury related- all W.A.S. concert attendees in California- read this comment from Chris about the opening acts.


19 thoughts on “Glastonbury coverage

  1. Their Glasto set was amazing, seriously can’t wait til I get to see them in person at Reading!

    There are a few pictures of them over at but it takes some wading to get to them

  2. Only two openers on the West Coast shows, guys. I’ll tell you why: Cut Off Your Hands have had some visa issues and won’t be joining the tour till Sacramento. Morning Benders will be on all West Coast shows, and The Blood Arm will play all the SoCal shows.

    We Are Scientists are still planning to play all shows, even the El Rey one.

  3. Wow, just back from my holidays and so many new things. πŸ˜€ Don’t know what to check out first. The NME-interview is hilarious, as usual. πŸ˜€

    Just watched a bit of the bbc-stream. Chris’s bass sounds fantastic. And a bigger stage is quite nice — more room for Chris’s fine movements. *swoooon* πŸ˜‰

    *looking forward to a nice evening watching/reading all the WAS stuff*

  4. oh my god, i didn’t recognize Adam without his glasses! sorry..

    We go to the Summercase next 18th july to see them again(4 times this year, in 4 different european cities!).

  5. Its great to be able to see all the BBC coverage outside the UK for a change. Thanks for the hint, Renee, cause I dont even check anymore! I ve just spend all afternoon checking out performances, this is heaven. Gutted though that they didnt film the Mystery Jets gig. That would have been too good.

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