From last night’s show in Los Angeles

Last night was the start of the American U.S. America Tour and what a joy it was to be part of a crowd that jumped, danced, and sang along loudly to both the new and old songs. The guys were excellent, as always, and I must say that I love watching them even more now with Max and Adam up there.

I’ve got only a few videos due to security staff stopping me (BOOOOOOOO!) but these should tide you over for now while I’m still uploading more videos and working on photos.

Chick Lit:

Impatience and Let’s See It:

That’s What Counts (last few seconds of the song are cut off 😦 ):

This post will be updated with more photos, videos, reviews, etc. later. If you went to this show and want to share your photos and videos, let me know!

ETA 7/3/08: Awesome set of photos from this show taken by my friend, Jenn, are here at The Scenestar.


17 thoughts on “From last night’s show in Los Angeles

  1. What was the setlist like?
    Did they do any funny covers?…i.e. “End of the Road,” “All That She Wants”…etc.

  2. No covers. They’ve got too much of their own material now to sing. 🙂

    And I think this may have been the setlist:

    Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt
    Chick Lit
    This Scene is Dead
    Let’s See It
    Cash Cow
    Can’t Lose
    That’s What Counts
    After Hours
    It’s a Hit
    Lethal Enforcer
    Great Escape

    Not 100% sure on it.

  3. ooo! Nice ‘n long!

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! I just saw that they’re doing an in-store in seattle!!! I think I may explode with excitement…

    It’s at the Queen Anne Easy Street at 6.. :):):):)

  4. That was so much FUN! I definitely agree with you on all accounts, they guys looked like they were having a great time and the crowd seemed really into it. I was about a few feet away from where you were standing in the pit so I encountered a few crazies haha. By the end of the show they whole band seemed to really be enjoying themselves and the crowd’s reactions. Overall, tons of fun. It was also great to see ya, Renee! Glad you finally got in after waiting so long haha.

  5. It did feel like a long set- it was about an hour and 15 minutes. Good to know about the signing, Lux! I wish they did that here!

    And yes, it was nice to see you again, Liam! I think the side we were on was especially crazy and in the middle I saw some shoving going on too. I’m glad I wasn’t too close to that section! And I’m very thankful I was able to get in on time, it was getting kinda cold and I would’ve been sad if I missed The Blood Arm!

  6. Wow, Renee, those videos are great. Thank you. 😀 The guys really looked like they enjoyed themselves a lot. It really does look like an awesome show.
    And you were standing at the good side of the stage. ;o) nice.
    I so wanna see them again too. *sigh*

  7. Great videos! Loving how much the crowd are into it but it’s not surprising since it’s been a fair while since you’ve been able to see them live.

  8. lux, where did you here WAS are playing an in-store? I just checked Easy street’s site and it doesn’t say anything on there… I hope I can make it!

    RENEE! oh, thank you for these videos. I am so friggin’ excited for next week, and these just multiplied that by about a billion and one. 🙂


  9. oohh I’m such an idiot, the WAS in-store was on the main page! I can’t believe I didn’t see it.

    ooh! it’s at 6 and doors are at 8! I’m definitely going 🙂

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