X1FM videos and LA Weekly Review

San Diego’s X1FM interview Keith before the show:

The guys also went to the X1FM studio to perform a few songs:

Lethal Enforcer


After Hours

We Are Scientists, Morning Benders, The Blood Arm, El Rey, 7/1/08
LA Weekly reviews the show and has a bunch of photos from it.


13 thoughts on “X1FM videos and LA Weekly Review

  1. and not just once. i find it a bit annoying tbh: “keith murray with bass and mustache” argh, it hurts.

    and what is that comment supposed to mean?
    “Despite some comedy bits between the songs, the band was loud, fast and sounded excellent.” ???

    “Chris Cain swung his guitar around like a drunk with a lead pipe, threatening to impale anyone who dared enter his space. Keith Murray, with fresh mustache and curly hair in place bore a kind of disturbing resemblance to John Oates.”
    — God, this is awful!

  2. I found two reviews of the Seattle:



    the first one is all right (I forgot about Keith getting on his knees! it was nice, because for the rest of the song his crotch wasn’t the thing at eye-level.), but the second review is just lies. god, it makes me want to punch that guy. that guy and his friend have to be blind if they thought WAS looked the slightest bit jaded. Keith was spazzing out on-stage like he had snorted something backstage! and Chris was bobbing his head oh so hilariously cool and was spazzed a bit. it certainly wasn’t the most energetic show, but that was just because of the audience. I think it was just because WAS haven’t been here in so long! everyone was screaming along to Nobody Move and It’s A Hit, but fewer were singing to Lethal Enforcer and Chick Lit.

    haha but me and my friends were the ones lying on the stage.

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