Ibiza Rocks

We Are Scientists – Sony Ericsson blog
Review and photos of the show

We Are Scientists at Ibiza Rocks tonight
More photos from the show

Scientists’ Mighty Boosh bust-up
Keith and Chris accuse Julian of taking Keith’s tie.

And for those who are interested in learning the results from the “Book the Band” contest for next month’s Virgin Mobile Festival in Baltimore, you can read the results here. (Hmm, kinda embarrassing there that they don’t even mention how many votes W.A.S. got 🙄 )


5 thoughts on “Ibiza Rocks

  1. In that article about the virgin mobile festival it sounds like they are fourth. On the official site it says they are 3rd. I was voting regularly and they were always third with 11%. It never changed. I still can’t get over that they didn’t win this. 🙄

  2. Kerstin, I noticed the same thing. I voted everyday, like several times in a row. But every time I came back, third place. Crazy uncool.

    Also the comments below that Mighty Boosh story upset me a bit. Don’t people get a joke?

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