Q Radio, interviews with Keith

We Are Scientists take aim
Q Radio interviewed Keith and Chris on Monday on QPM. There’s an audio snippet at the link above.

DOWNLOAD the interview here. (Thanks, Laura!)

We Are Scientists – Interview
Contactmusic.com talks to Keith about being in the UK, the new album, getting a new drummer.

Oliver Tanson interviews We Are Scientists
There’s a snippet of an interview with Keith there and a photo gallery with pictures from the interview.

ETA 7/26: W.A.S. discussion board members- the board is being worked on right now! I’ll update this post later to let you know when it’s back to normal.


13 thoughts on “Q Radio, interviews with Keith

  1. Does anyone know what happened to the official forum? in the discussion and other bands board all posts disappeared and when I log on I don’t appear as “user online”. when I tried to post sth. it said:
    “This topic doesn’t exist on this board. 1217105809 : -1.”
    I hope it didn’t get hacked. 🙄

  2. That’s weird! I logged in and it doesn’t show me online either. And nothing at those threads you mentioned. Hmm….I can’t think of any reason about why it would get hacked but I’ll try to find out what’s going on.

  3. I wonder where you’ll try to find out. 😉

    The forum of my other favourite band got hacked years ago and it never really recovered after this. so I’m a bit “scared” about the WAS-forum at the moment. We had a spam thread the other day… 🙄
    I hope it might be just be “maintenance” or sth. similar, though. *fingers crossed*

  4. Ok, heard back from a mod- I’ve been told that posting at the board is not a good idea right now. 😕 Hmmm…I’m checking on what else can be done and hopefully this situation will get sorted out soon…

  5. i was on vacation for a week and now am really sad that its in matinence mode!!! i need to catch up!! whats this about a scrapbook! 🙂

  6. luckily Renee has posted about that scrapbook post from Greg. the most important information are indeed on that post Renee posted a few days ago.

    Greg suggested that everyone who likes to should make a fanpage, expressing their love for WAS and send it to him. he will make a book out of all those pages and hand it to the guys in Oxford, I think. The more pages the better, of course. 😀 Deadline will be 8th of August.

    Laura, thank you for that download, again. 😀 Where did you find it? I was looking for it as well, but couldn’t find it. I’m impressed. I thought, if Renee can’t find it, who will. 😉

  7. My pleasure! I thrive on little challenges like that… 😉 I’m chuffed when I finally find them and upload ‘cos I know it’s not just me who’ll enjoy it…and they’re always worth the search. 😀

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