Impatience video, Letterman tonight

The video for Impatience!!!!

On September 8th, We Are Scientists will release the third single from BRAIN THRUST MASTERY, the follow up to their major label debut WITH LOVE AND SQUALOR, the follow up to 27 years of obscurity and inconsequence.

IMPATIENCE, the new single getting talked about in that last paragraph, deftly combines a driving, four-on-the-floor beat with huge three-part harmonies, call-and-response verses à la Roxy Music, and a sweet summertime melody served up by the dork-hot New York 2-piece-plus just in time for Autumn.

Keenly aware that with the clip for Impatience their reputations as principal providers of meaningful, lighthearted, life-affirming video content would again be tested, W.A.S. cooked up a MONSTROUSly entertaining, WOLFISHly ambitious, TRANSFORMATIVEly redemptive music vid that truly ratchets their recent dog obsession one notch up the food chain.

Watch it at the link above so you can view it in high quality and download it.

And don’t forget, they’ll be on the Late Show with David Letterman tonight on CBS. The show starts at 11:30 PM.

DOWNLOAD the performance.

Oops, and I forgot to link to their “Informative video” that was also on the mailing list email from today:


30 thoughts on “Impatience video, Letterman tonight

  1. oh my gooooood! I adore Werewoooolve too, and i adore them more and more! this video is so funny, they’re the best.
    And Adam and Max are inside, so coool!
    An excellent remake of the tranfosmation scene in “An American Werewolf in London”.
    These guys are really amazing.
    I love them more and more every day.

  2. Wow… awesome! At first I was like “so is Keith impatient with Chris to cut his ridiculous ear hair? Lame!” but then it continued, I caught on, and there were laughs galore. I probably freaked out the other interns here at work.

    And yeah, the Keith popping up and down was indeed hilarious.

  3. poor keith, they seem to come back to the “kill keith”-routine in their videos. 😆

    I love this video. it’s brilliant. and I love the fact that adam and max are in it. also, keith’s face at 00:40 is priceless. 😆

    the other clip had me almost splutter my coffee on my monitor. so funny. *note to self: never drink/eat sth. when watching a funny WAS-clip*

  4. no Fiona, I am confused as you, but still. I don’t get it, tbh. but it is hilarious. the way they move and talk. and WHAT they are saying. I still can’t get over it. 😆 😆

  5. Cool to know they’re pimping WAS, but doing it on ONTD is like throwing them out like carcasses to the vultures. Unless you’re a sparkling vampire in a movie this December, you get no love, and this is a wearwolf we’re dealing with. A nice one at that.

    Anyone catch the Letterman show?

  6. I did whoo! ha at the end dave was like really enthusiastic and he was like where r u guys from and they seemed surprised by the question and all chris said was “new york” and then they like cut it ha

  7. i was scared i was going to fall asleep so i put my alarm at 12:20 just in case and what do you know i did fall alseep! but i woke up! it a was a great performance! and i’m so confused with that video! haha but i love it 🙂

  8. on ONTD they seemed to go down ok? it was basically all WAS fans in there anyway 😛 personally i liked this comment lol :

    When my friends boyfriend passed out from drunkeness, she cut his hair to look like Keith Murrays.

  9. 9 Kerstin

    poor keith, they seem to come back to the “kill keith”-routine in their videos.

    hey chris had to get some retribution after being smashed on the head with a glass bottle, haha
    my question is, what horror film were they watching on TV?

  10. haha that was great! the whole bottle thing was one of the funniest things on the after hours video! but poor chris heh he got the girl in the end *reminds herself it was just a music video* ha

  11. damn I just watched that letterman video and let’s just say I have a lot more appreciation for that song seeing it played live and the drums sounded better than on the record, mainly because I love loud toms
    gogogo adam go!

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