interview with Keith, Inaction from Wakestock, Oxford preview, Colin Murray segment this week interviews We Are Scientists:

Video of Inaction from the Wakestock Festival courtesy of EYEWEEKLY Toronto:

Band with Two Brains
Keith and Chris talk about their first show as a band and writing songs

Listen to the We Are Scientists segue from yesterday’s show on Colin Murray’s site at BBC Radio 1.

This site has some great photos from the show in Detroit last week.

Awesome Fall Tour News: We Are Scientists Opening for Kings of Leon
Rolling Stone’s Backstage Blog interviews Keith about the upcoming Kings of Leon tour.


17 thoughts on “ interview with Keith, Inaction from Wakestock, Oxford preview, Colin Murray segment this week

  1. haha I love how in the wakestock footage, when you first see Keith he’s hopping backwards across the stage into the camera’s line of view. beautiful!

  2. I think most of it is made up of old quotes from their site, but there’s some parts in there that I don’t recall reading before so I thought the article was decent enough to post even if it is a copy/paste job.

  3. ha i wonder who that girl was in that interview video that he ask “where u going” haha i love her answer “to drink some and listen to music” hahah

  4. it looked sorta like keith’s girlfriend to me but im not sure…

    so no other uk tour till the next album then?(judging by the interview about opening for kings of leon) 😦

  5. I miss the forum! Now I can’t really tell about their fantastic, awesome show at the Highfield festival. Very energetic, mental crowd. It was amAzing. 😉 Now I really have to show off (sorry, I can’t help it 😉 ): but they changed the setlist for me and played “Altered Beast”. I made a sign and held it in front of the barrier and after a few songs they said they’re gonna make a change in the setlist, that girl (me) is insisting on it and if the rest doesn’t like, they should tear her (me) apart afterwards. lol. God, and they played it. It was AWESOME and sounded fantastic. Ok, I had to sacrifice my beloved TWC, but you can’t have everything… that made my day. Keith came to the barrier during textbook and my friend was touching him A LOT. 🙂 I think that made *her* day. hihi. Hello Maren. *waves*

    We met Adam before their gig and Chris and Max shortly after it.
    Oh, well, we had a blast indeed. sorry for rambling. but since there is no forum at the moment, I have to abuse Renee’s space. I hope you’ll forgive me, Renee. 😉
    God, I love those guys. 😀
    I uploaded my three videos on my youtube account if anyone’s interested:
    but I have to “warn” you, it’s not very good quality and pretty dark and shaky sometimes. Sorry. And just in that moment when they all hold up their guitars that stupid stage diver came “upon me”.
    *sigh* what a night.

  6. Love that interview
    What is Keiths Relationship status
    i swear theres never anything written about it
    just wondering

    Wicked Site btw x

  7. I’m with Fiona I’m getting major WAS withdrawal. And because the last time we saw them was the show with no atmosphere at all (well not beyond the first row anyway and there wasn’t more than 10 rows) it doesn’t help much.

    And I miss the forum very much too!

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