From the Lowlands Festival, show in London next week

We Are Scientists begaat doodzonde
From what I was reading in Babelfish, not a very kind review. I think the headline translates as “We Are Scientists commit sin”

You can also listen to their set (I’m not sure if it’s the whole set or only a portion of it) at the main page for We Are Scientists at 3Voor 12’s website, click on “We Are Scientists Live op Lowlands 2008.”

There’s also video you can watch there from that festival doing “The Great Escape” but I’ve saved it and you can DOWNLOAD it here.

We Are Scientists to play pub gig in London
Nice band name, guys!


16 thoughts on “From the Lowlands Festival, show in London next week

  1. I still don’t get what they are trying to say in that review from 3voor12.

    But I wonder where all that contempt for WAS comes from. I mean I love them, but when I see them play live I think that this is best thing ever. their songs are great, witty lyrics, great music, their funny etc…. the whole package. then I come home and read a more than respectless “review” (you can’t really call it that though) about their Highfield show, which was really awesome. Why are ppl/reporters (whoever) waste their time to watch a band they a) don’t like anyways and b) if they took their time why not try to be a bit objective. but noooo, they write the most disrespectful stuff about them. Maybe they think “hey, the guys are funny, so they wouldn’t mind”.

    😈 Argh, this really makes me mad. I know it shouldn’t and I shouldn’t give a f…, but that annoys me so much.

    so, what was written in that dutch “review”, I really didn’t get it in that babelfish “translation”. 🙄 anyone who can help out?

  2. oh, i forgot, I saw that “great escape” video from lowlands, and it looked, sounded great to me. but anyways, who am I to say…
    the best:
    Keith with glasses. 😆
    are those Chris’ old ones?

  3. Hi!
    I’m Dutch and saw WAS at Lowlands. The review is about how Keith and Chris, in the eyes of the reporter, weren’t connecting with the crowd etc. because they were making jokes too each other and the reporter felt like the audience got excluded, if you know what I mean. And he said Keiths singing was false (it wasn’t, if you saw the vid). He was really exaggerating and saying WAS despised the audience (=deathly sin, in eyes of reporter).

    The review is total bs! The reporter who wrote this probably had a hang-over during the show because I really enjoyed it (and so did everyone else)! But unfortunately it was kinda early and it was the last day, so the crowd wasn’t that active.. Anyway, this reporter is an a**hole, he wrote crappy reviews about every band.
    The glasses were thrown on the stage right before the last song (great escape) btw. He should wear them all the time =) !
    Oh and I saw Keith walking around and he was watching yeasayer. He was looking really fine with his ray ban wayfarer sunglasses ❤ .

    xx Eva

  4. I’m Dutch, and I was there yesterdaymorning. Here’s a little translation. W.A.S. was opening the sunday on the second biggest stage, which was a little to big for how popular and wellknown the band is in the Netherlands (in the early sundayafternoon).
    But anyway, the reporter hates W.A.S. because they apparently were disrespectful towards the crowd. Keith said he was only up one hour, which the reporter didn’t take well. Also, they asked the crowd if they were wearing any pants or trousers today. Keith said it was a special day because he was wearing both, for the third time in his life (the first were his baptism and his sister’s wedding). The joke went on a few songs, but the reporter didn’t get it I think, and thought it was and inside joke.
    Also, he thinks that Keith’s voice wasn’t that good, probably because he just woke up, or so the reporter thinks. It was true that he needed a little warming up, but it wasn’t that much of a drama.
    I think the reporter is not being fair. It wasn’t their best show I ever watched, but definitely not as bad as the reporter says. He probably misunderstood the jokes and he made a false judgement call about them being serious all the time. Maybe due to his hangover on the third and last day of the festival.

  5. oh, thank you so much, Eva, for clearing this up. I absolutely did not get that. But as you said, that *is* total BS. It is THE stupidest thing I have ever read/heard about them. pfffttt…

    and thanks for clearing up the thing about the glasses. 😀

  6. Peter, thank you too. it really sounds like the reporter did not get them at all.
    And we should not forget what a tight schedule the boys have at the moment. every day another gig. I’m sure that can be very exhausting. So what, if his voice wasn’t the best, they still are able to make a good show.
    I also can’T see how they have been disrespectful towards the crowd.
    Anyways, I’m very grateful for the description/translation of that article. 😀

  7. Thanks, Eva and Peter, for letting us know what that review said. I had a feeling that the reviewer didn’t understand the humor. I’ve always wondered how some audiences in other countries respond to WAS if there’s any kinda language barrier. Despite what that idiot said in the review, the crowd looked like they were enjoying it.

    I found this review after looking at the same site’s review of the performance from Editors at this festival, and it was also a shitty review. And anyone who gives Editors a bad review can go fuck themsevles as far as I’m concerned. 😀

  8. That same 3voor12 reviewer wrote a scathing review about Editors’ Lowlands set, at which point I concluded (s)he was an emotionless droid. So. WAS’ Lowlands set wasn’t mindblowingly good, but it was decent, and I for one had a blast. (Also: Max waved at me on stage! :D)

    (starbright31, Editors were oh so amazing at Lowlands. We were front row, right across from Chris, and basically spent their entire set bouncing up and down. SO GOOD.)

  9. The reviewer is really critical of other bands also, for example Franz Ferdinand, who played terrific. The review has some really bad comments at the 3voor12 website. Almost everyone disagrees.
    To Starbright31: The audience at the W.A.S. gigs in NL responds good to the jokes! I doubt the reporter didn’t get the jokes because of a language barrier. I think he was just unfamiliar with the band, and their live performances.

  10. twincy – So jealous right now. 😛 I haven’t been in front of Chris at a show, it was Tom last time I saw ’em. I think next time I see those guys, I’m running to Russell’s side of the stage.

  11. Oh, but Tom is good to look at as well! 😀 I was just happy I could see Ed from where I was standing, because Ed in action is such a good sight. Didn’t see much of Russ since he was way on the other side of the stage, but my friend tells me he made thumbs up at the audience a few times!

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