Ibiza Rocks interview, more from DecentX.com, WAS segue from last week

We Are Scientists at Ibiza Rocks:

And three posts ago, I linked to a Youtube video from DecentX.com that had a six minute interview with Keith. It looks like what I posted was just a short version of that interview because it’s a longer interview that’s now split up in five parts (it’s good stuff, but the videos are really shaky)

Watch it at Youtube: Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5

You can also read some of the interview here.

The We Are Scientists Segue from Colin Murray’s BBC Radio 1 show last week is available for DOWNLOAD. (Thanks, Laura!)


14 thoughts on “Ibiza Rocks interview, more from DecentX.com, WAS segue from last week

  1. Oh wow what a great little Dundee mention. That’s exactly what happened, they encouraged us. I want to do it all over again now.

  2. ^ I just saw that video as well. I am so jealous. Right now I’d clear my entire upcoming gig calendar just to see the WAS boys again.

  3. yes, it was. but I haven’t heard back from Greg how it went. 🙄 but he is busy with WAS gigs at the moment.

    but tbh, I’m a bit embarrassed of my page, now thinking of it. 😳

  4. Yep, the scrapbook was presented! I think Greg’s gone to the Peterborough one tonight.

    Kerstin, none of the pages in the book were anything to be embarrassed of! They all looked fantastic. I only had a quick peek…I’m embarrassed that I didn’t do a page!

    I’m still grinning like a mad crazy person from yesterday though…wow 😀 😀 (sorry)

  5. thank you laura, that’s nice of you to say.
    Yeah, Greg will be very busy these days. isn’t he also going to Reading/Leeds?

    aahhh, I can imagine you cannot stop grinning. what a night for you. so jealous.

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