Oxford Roundup

Oxford. Wow, you lucky, lucky, lucky fans. I hate you all. Just kidding. 😛 Lots went on before, during, and after the show. Laura was there and got pictures (and videos that I’ll post later) of the day’s events.

Greg presenting the fan scrapbook to Chris

Greg presenting the fan scrapbook to Chris

Going through the scrapbook

Going through the scrapbook

Keith at soundcheck

Keith at soundcheck

Chris and Keith at the backstage barbecue

Chris and Keith at the backstage barbecue

from the show

from the show

Setlist (look at the last song!)

Setlist (look at the last song!)

See if you can spot yourself in these photos! (I’m loving these dress themes!)

Ram It Home

And Laura’s also got That’s What Counts and Can’t Lose and a little bit of Chris thanking the audience for not going to the Last Shadow Puppets show that same night.

We Are Scientists: BBC reporter losing it


83 thoughts on “Oxford Roundup

  1. Such an amazing show. I was way too shy to say hi to anyone from the boards though, even though I was dressed sort of cowboy-ish. My friend thought it would be funny to keep shouting out my messageboard name…thanks Dan! How awesome does the scrapbook look? I would’ve stayed back a bit later after the gig to say hi to everyone, but one of my friends really wanted to get home and get some sleep. Fuck GCSE results day being the day after that gig!!

  2. man, I hate you all too….
    : evil : 😉

    well, at least I’m suuuuper jealous.
    meeting them before, bbq, soundcheck….I live in the wrong country.
    it looks you all had a blast. I wish I could have been there.

  3. Hi all
    right well we’re ALL still like WTF after yesterday
    & spent most of 2day pinching ourselfs lol
    we never thought anythink like wot happened would happen when we was talkin to Keith in shef
    & just want to say to the guys again for the 900 time THANK YOU so much
    & to the TV guys cus i dont think we would have got it without them as the venue was being Di*ks =/
    was talking to the guys again 2day & they had fun aswell & lovin the outfits asmuch as its makin us laff lol
    & if you see us out & about dont worry about coming over & saying hi lol
    yes we’re a tad off our heads but in a good way lol
    well thats wot the guys say lol
    & any of you guys that want to come over for some shows from the US let us know & we’ll look after you & u will have a awesum time =D

  4. Really? I’m so glad they’re moving things around in the setlist! They’ve been doing the Scene is Dead to Inaction long enough, and same for Can’t Lose and Callbacks. And it’s refreshing to see that Great Escape isn’t the last song.

    I would be freaking ecstatic if at least one of the five shows I’ll be going to this fall would be as mixed up as this one is.

  5. What a gig 🙂 i still cant beleive they played ram it home at the end of their set. Came down from coventry and it was great we had the we ‘hart’ max banner if your wondering…

  6. ram it home + a barbecue + cowboy outfits + scrapbooks + fans+ WAS! yes i’m jealous of all of you 🙂

    and renee (hope i spelled your name right) your going to five shows! i’m only going to one, but i still need to buy tickets before they sell out…

  7. You spelled it right! Thanks! (It’s one of my pet peeves to see my name spelled wrong)

    Yes, the first five shows of the tour, I’m there. It went from just two, then to three, and then last week it turned into five. I’m crazy, I know, but it’s an early birthday present to myself and I’m making up for the three other shows I missed in July (even though I know these sets won’t be as long).

    Get your tickets soon! I don’t know if these shows are selling out, but I know not all the shows are general admission so depending on where you wanna sit/stand, try to get your tickets ASAP.

  8. Oh My Fricken GOD!.


    I don’t even like TV so why am I on it!. I am soooooo shy!.

    Damn, the damage is done.

    Heather, do we have that time machine built yet?. 🙂

  9. Last night they were going to finish on G/L/R but they ran out of time.

    G/L/R if people don’t know.

    Ghouls, Lousy Reputation and Ram it Home!. again. 😀

    Ashame they didn’t do it, but Keith promised it for Middlesborough or York!. 😀

  10. thats a sweet birthday present to yourself! happy early birthday! and i’m going to get tickets once i get paid, the venue there going to play here has general admission and seats, and who wants to sit during a WAS show?!! no one!

    and i just saw/noticed the LSP video, that was funny!

  11. Wow Laura your pics are amazing,I think you managed to get me and Tracey on nearly all your queing pictures,thank you so much.What a fab day,I still cant believe we got into the soundcheck and had a BBQ.I went to Peterbourgh last night aswell,but it was a much smaller group this time,only me,Tracey,Greg,Amy and Helen went.Altered Beast was such a treat,im in the process of uploading video’s to You Tube so watch this space as I have 10mins of footage from the BBQ,Soundcheck and Lousy Reputation,Ram It Home from Oxford and Altered Beast from Peterborough.

  12. Thankyou Laura for getting so many photos of me and Joanne, i didn’t realise that we were on so many! It was lovely to meet you and it was a day that i really can’t believe happened, it was one of my best days yet! On one of the photos i’m holding all of Chris’s shopping, including a present for Dash which was a Spongebob squarepants Ukulele (in case anybody wondered!!!) If any of WAS are reading this thanks again for such a great day. Perterborough was really fab as well, a much more chilled day for all of us. To any shy WAS fans, me and Joanne are really nice people, we don’t bite so next time you see us in the cue come talk to us, we’ll talk to anyone!!!!!

  13. A Spongebob squarepants Ukulele – aaahhh cute!!!

    All you UK fans really make me wanna save up and go over there next time there’s a big tour. You all seem to be really friendly and cool bunch.

  14. Thanks Renee,

    One of my pet hates is when people spell my name without the “e”, so i know what you are going on about there!!

    You should come over here, how cool would that be to have all of the WAS fans toghther, what a party that would be!!

  15. My video’s are up on YouTube,im hopeless at posting links so my YouTube user name is TakeThatRFab,hope you like them and Susie your grilled cheese sandwich that Keith made you is Legendary haha.

  16. no, I’m not jealous. no, no, no…
    getting served by we are scientists… 😆
    how incredibly awesome they are.
    and I better be quiet about Chris in his white shirt. *calm down, Kerstin, calm down* 😳

    and let’s hope not all is lost from the forum. I’m angry with myself because I didn’t save the lyrics for the lovely Gauntlet. and thinking about all our posts and pictures…oh well… *fingers crossed*

  17. I spoke to chris and he said they have most of it backed up, we only hope it is.

    The last time something like this happened, every member got deleted and we had to start the forum all again!. 😦

  18. Back to us anyway, Renee,

    I’m a newish(8 months) WAS fan but very very new to internet! So who’s your fav WAS?

    I’m sure you have said before but i missed it, but if you would rather not say on line just send me an e-mail and we can “talk without WAS hearing” ha ha x

  19. So why do you always stand infront of Keith at the concerts then? That has to be favouritism! Why don’t you practice what you preach and stand infront of Chris at York on wednesday? Ha ha ha!!!!!!! Go on we dare you!!!!!!!

  20. OMG!. It’s like a compulsive disorder now. I have stood in front of Keith for like every gig, apart from the time they moved the microphones and I ended up being in the middle!.

    I will see how the day takes me, I am planning to have a wee drink on Wednesday!.

    I hope people know what to buy, we don’t want to be buying double of everything!.

  21. I know which makes it even funnier!!!!lol

    Can’t wait for Wednesday, i’m so exited.

    Didn’t end up going on holiday because i didn’t want to miss out!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Hurry up Renee delete all the comments!. lol

    Wise choice, WAS gig over a holiday. Just what I would do, but kind of depends on the location too!.

  23. Yeahhhhhhhhhh!.

    You could always tell the guys you give up a week in the Seychelles for a WAS gig. lol

    Defies the object now, I have posted it here!. lol

  24. I’m here!!! yay finally getting connected!!! Can’t wait for wed thou am dreading my comedown….imagine what the cold turkey for two months is going to do to me!!! but have been checking out bbq youtube clip- oh my god!! thought i was kinda sober by that point but so blatantly not. “Cheese doesn’t melt!” I’m an idiot!!!!

  25. OMG, don’t talk about WAS leaving, seriously get withdrawl symptoms!.

    Like Heather said, cold turkey and me don’t go well!.

    Where can I spend the money I don’t have, this is madness!.

    Maybe a flight to the states!. 😀

    And yes Heather, clearly the cheese does melt!. lol

  26. WAS BBQ? I N V U. RIH 2! :O Y? Y?? T—>D, >OK! (Y)…


    I’m glad they appreciate the scrapbook. Although in a way, I hope they haven’t read my page, as they would be a bit creeped out by it.

    But still, what a lucky day for you Oxford dwellers.

  27. OMG, I am on TV!. lol.

    Bloody Jodie.

    Fucking hell!. What can I say to that. I was crying and cringed when I seen myself and heard myself.

    I remember when the film crew seen us run from Tesco’s to Chris, they started laughing. lol

    But, it made up part of the clip. lol

  28. It was so short!.

    But hey, I was on TV again!. lol

    Nice comments about what the guys said about the fans. lol

    I will have to remember to tell the security guys that the barrier at the front of the stage is too far away and is totally not practical for me and my pics I take. lol

  29. That was sooooo funny!!! Greg and Suze running over to Chris was hilarious and Jo was eating her butty whan they looked out of the tour bus window. That’s it we are famous now!!!!!!!!!!

  30. The guys were soo nice about us!!! I mean seriously sometimes I wonder if we’re imposing (even thou we just kinda appear and leave it up to them to come over but who wouldn’t be enticed by cake and a good theme-everyone loves a good theme) just thought their comments were soo nice- and loved their joke bout rider and security-and how we tell them to watch out for us…’the psycho fans’ ha!!

    Thank god the t.v. guys edited it to two mins and not the fifteen as suggested well worth a sound check and bbq!!!!!

  31. The guys were soo nice about us!!! I mean seriously sometimes I wonder if we’re imposing (even thou we just kinda appear and leave it up to them to come over but who wouldn’t be enticed by cake and a good theme-everyone loves a good theme) just thought their comments were soo nice- and loved their joke bout rider and security-and how we tell them to watch out for us…’the psycho fans’ ha!!

    Thank god the t.v. guys edited it to two mins and not the fifteen as suggested well worth a sound check and bbq!!!!!


  32. Hello gorgeous people was it just my imagination or Chris did call us kids?

    I’m not dissing it or anything at twenty four years old I’m taking that compliment to the bank

    Sarah xxx


    I’m embracing technology and losing my posting virginity in this very posty thingy me jig.


  33. Mmmmm Greg,Im four days older than Tracey so what does that make me “OLD” by any chance hahaha.
    I loved the fact that Chris said he would’nt swap us for Normal Fans…..Classic comment,I love it.Oh but trust me to be filmed eating my chicken butty,how embarrassing!!!!!….God bless you Greg n Suzi you made it in record time back from Tesco with Chris’s scrapbook even if you did have to sprint hehe.

  34. Hi everyone

    Watched the footage last night, brings back good memories! A day we will never forget.

    Lovely to meet you all 🙂

  35. Hey Joanne!

    this is Emma, i got 3A* and 8A which i was totally over the moon with! but i was still so knackered from oxford that i was opening the envelope and just thinking, “cool, thats good.” it took a while for it to all sink in, i was still way too excited about the events of the day before…

    i wish theyd shown the soundcheck on Transmission. maybe some more of the footage will turn up somewhere else? seems a waste that they took so much and then edited it all down to 2mins.


  36. Hi

    I just watched the transmission thing again! 🙂 i wish it had been longer but oh well
    I was really happy with my gcses i got 1B 9A and 1 A* so im very happy:)
    I remember getting home with my gcses in hand and looking at the photos of the previous day. i was so ecstatic. I think i was more excited by the fact that i’d met keith and chris and been at a bbq with them than the results :S ha

    I want to see WAS again!

  37. Congratulations Sophie and Emma,im really pleased you both did so well.Good luck in everything you do!!!!!!…..I’ve had a crazy week,seeing WAS in Oxford,Peterborough and York has taken it outta me,in knackered but very very happy!!!!

  38. thankyouuuu! 🙂

    i really wish i could get to all these places. we could only just get to oxford (thank goodness we did!!!) and i dont have enough money to get the train 😦

  39. Yes well done Emma and Sophie.

    We had to drive everywhere because it was so expensive to get the train, but it had to be done to support WAS!!!

  40. cheers jo and tracey 😀

    i’m really determined to travel around more next year, so hopefully we can make it to another gig with all you guys. it was so much fun being in a massive cowboy gang… hows about pirates for the next tour?!

  41. I always wanted Pirates. I have the full dress, but not had a chance to wear it!.

    And before Jo or mainly Tracey says anything, NO IT’S NOT A FETISH!. lol

  42. Is their no end to your fancy dress theme’s Greg.Somehow you manage to have every dress theme already………mmmmm im gonna call you Mr Ben from now on hahaha…..(Google Mr Ben its a kids TV show from the 1970/80’s and revolves around a fancy dress shop) for more info.

  43. OMG, that would be soooooo awesome!.

    Renee, are you off to Washington gig?. Me and others are thinking about that because it’s cheaper. 😀

    Would you dress up?. Are you going with other fans?. Could you get them to dress up!. lol

    Jo I am not as old as you, so I better Google it!. lol

    Yes I may happen to have things people wouldn’t ordinarily have, but that’s because my sister used to have a Fancy Dress shop!. lol

    I want to be Captain Plews of the Starship Enterprise, oh I just realised, thats StarTrek!. lol

    I think we should have a theme like that too!.

    Beam me up scotty!. 😀

  44. What a good idea Jo, i want to be Dipsy, please????????
    You’ll make a great Tinky Winky Greg, i’ve got a red handbag you can borrow, unless you’ve already got one of those as well??????

  45. Awhhhhhhhh F*ck off!. lol

    Only joking, no I have no handbag!. I could acquire one though. lol

    And sorry to dissapoint you, I have no Telletubbies, my sis sold them on ebay for £900 last year, it cost her about £1600 for the four though. 😦

    Wish I kept them. lol

  46. Greg, do you mean the Washington D.C. show or the Seattle, Washington show? if you meant the Seattle one, I’d find a ride up there just so I could dress up with yous guys…

    but, I bet you meant the D.C. show.

  47. Erm, I think DC gig, it gives us more time to save up!. Get yourself there. 😀

    I would love to meet as many US WAS fans as we can.

    It’s a trip of a life time, so try your hardest. 😀

  48. Awww, Greg, you could’ve told me on Facebook too, ya know.

    I heard about Washington as the possible place US tour date you were all thinking of going to from Heather. I was thinking that meant Seattle as well. Yeah, it’ll definitely be a lot less expensive to go there for all of you versus going to the west coast.

    I would love to go to the east coast for WAS but that’s very expensive for me to travel all the way there and if I was to go there, I’d have to go at least 3 shows around the area to make the trip worth it and I’ve already got travel plans for a Jason Mraz concert at the end of that week and that one takes priority over everything else.

    I still say you guys should do west coast- c’mon Vegas! SIN CITY, people. Start of the tour and they’ll probably fuck up somehow and it’ll be great to watch. 😆

  49. Cool! Yeah, he’s brilliant to watch live. If you ever get a chance to see him (and this goes out to everyone reading this, I know this is not a WAS-related comment but it’s my site 😛 ) go for it. I’m seeing him on the day of my birthday too. 🙂

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