99 Problems, pre-order Impatience, another show in Australia

I noticed this on the front page of the official site just a few minutes ago:

What happens when a robot covers Jay-Z? Like Prometheus delivering the secret of fire, we bring you this knowledge.

Go to the merch page and pre-order Impatience now. The first 100 orders will be signed!

We Are Scientists return to Australia
There’s a show in Newcastle on the 5th. Tickets are on sale now.


9 thoughts on “99 Problems, pre-order Impatience, another show in Australia

  1. argh.. I hate the fact that this shop is restricted to credit card users.. why don’t they just enable paypal like every other good online shop out there. wanted to have this darn wwwasd thingy for years now, lol..
    new release is looking good though.. can’t wait to get the vinyls/cd (from ebay probably)

  2. Oh, don’t ask!.

    I am really upset as I missed alot of people and especially WAS!. 😦

    Did you here they done the introducing stage as well. Wish I was there.

    My mum went into hospital with cholecystitis (Inflammation of the gall bladder), It can be seriously painful. It must have been bad otherwise my mum wouldn’t go as she spends enough time working there!.

    Hope your ok.


  3. Oh, I had to look after my granma hence not attending reading. 😦

    My mum normally looks after her at the weekend, but for obvious reasons she could not.

  4. Yeah, she’s had plentiful amounts of medication, she is bearing the pain which is good!.

    I am just waiting for Misslesbrough gig now. 😀

    Speak to you on MySpace in abit. 😀


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