Reading and Leeds Festival coverage

(Updated again on 8/28)

We Are Scientists Reading and Leeds

We Are Scientists join Mystery Jets onstage at Reading Festival

We Are Scientists and ‘special guest’ cover Ace Of Bass at Reading Festival

We Are Scientists offer advice to bottlers at Leeds Festival

And after 142 clicks of “Next Photo” at NME’s very tedious way of viewing photos at their site, here is the direct link to get to first of three photos from the Leeds set from Danny North.

There’s also a few more photos from Leeds here at Flickr from Shirlaine.

BBC’s page for We Are Scientists has photos from the performance and videos of After Hours and some other song they’ve titled incorrectly. Videos, of course, are restricted to UK residents only. But don’t wory, links to downloads will appear here soon (thanks to Laura, as always).


Acoustic After Hours from the Introducing stage:

Acoustic Nobody Move from the Introducing stage:

Highlights from Reading Main stage:

All That She Wants:

Short interview with Nihal: (Can I start the “Get Chris Urbanowicz to Join WAS” campaign?😀 )

Mystery Jets’ Diamonds In The Dark with Keith on backing vocals:

We Are Scared
The guys tell Daily Star their plans for the Reading and Leeds performances

We Are Scientists Turned on by TV Deal

Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt:

It’s a Hit

NME: We Are Scientists at Leeds

We Are Scientists think Rage Against the Machine are pretentious

DOWNLOAD: ROOtv We Are Scientists at Leeds

We Are Scientists with Tony Shepherd from Simply Media

Reading’s NME Signing Tent photos

Leeds’ NME Signing Tent photos

Download the audio of some of the Reading set here.


40 thoughts on “Reading and Leeds Festival coverage

  1. Editors Chris? All That She Wants? They couldn’t have done that at Lowlands? Am insanely jealous. There better be video of that soon.

    At least the boys are looking good lately – and oh hai, reborn ‘stache! ❤

  2. I should better read the entries before posting a comment, huh. 🙄 😳
    but what would we do without our Laura who seriously helps out all the non-UK-fans. thank you. 😛

    Greg, I thought you were at Reading. *surprised*
    but at least you’re gonna see them next week again.

  3. thank you Laura. 😀
    that interview was funny. you could see, how editors’ chris so wanted to be in that interview. 😆

    and did I mention before how I always like Max’ little dances on stage, esp. for Lethal Enforcer. it always makes me smile. 🙂

    what a shame that cover was not in that highlights video. oh, well, I hope it will surface at one point.

  4. Thank you VERY much for sharing Reading, Laura!!! Especially for the performance and interview with Editors’ Chris!
    Lots of love and greetings from our Editors forum!!! We all gonna love and worship you for that! 🙂

  5. Thanks v much for the vids Laura! Chris from Editors is so adorable, he seems shy in comparison to them. It must be difficult to stand up next to Keith and Chris in interviews. I love the fact that WAS get on so well with all those lovely bands, esp. Editors, Mystery Jets and DPT. They all figure at the top of my favourite festival line up…..

  6. Oooh I so wish I could have been at Reading/Leeds, looks like it was another good’un! But poor Keith seemed to be losing his voice – and whatever happened to his beautiful Telecaster (guitar) ???

  7. that anthony rossomando again. 😆 brilliant. I loved that NME video. This is what I was waiting for. 😛

    has anyone read the comments of RATM fans regarding that NME article? ouch. 👿
    I mean, I felt uncomfortable while reading it and thought, this might cause “trouble” and then I read the comments… but I can’t stand RATM way either. they’re “ramming their ideas down our throats” indeed, as someone put it. Like I need RATM to realize what an ass GWB is. Big News….pffft

    Anyways, I enjoyed all that Reading/Leeds stuff. and seeing the big distance between band and audience makes me appreciate the nice and “cosy” Highfield gig even more. 😀

  8. I just went through those comments at the NME site. Eesh. But of course, this is the kinda stuff NME loves posting about. I guess it’s good the forum’s offline in case any angry RATM fans might want to start shit there.

    This comment made me laugh out loud 😆 “I think it just shows We Are Scientists as supporters of the dictatorship known as Geroge Bush which is not somethng to be proud of (otherwise they would support RATMs opinions).”

  9. yeah, I was actually really tempted to post sth. there because of that comment. 😆

    I also thought about the forum and if we would have had RATM fans “invading”. 🙄

  10. i just went through the nme comments and wow! i wanted to post something too but i’m afraid those RATM fans might slaughter me over the internet! that and i don’t know my nme password 😉 thanks for all those downloads!! i

  11. I was really tempted to post something on that RATM article, but all those idiots really aren’t worth the thought.

    I was also wondering where his Telecaster went! the new one’s pretty, but I miss his Tele. 😦

  12. i agree! the new one is good but compared 2 the good ole telecaster it cant hold its own! ha but max had his telecaster right?!

  13. I cant believe all these commentors on the NME article took the WAS comments on RATM and politics and/ vs music so serious 😉 …… I tend not to believe a word they say (in particular when they make it sound serious)

  14. Hey THERE
    i am in the video on reading
    its a hit 🙂
    they were ammazzzing
    once again
    and Had a wave from Keith at the signing tent

    is there anywhere i can get an mp3 version of
    ‘all that she wants’ ?


  15. i just re-read that thing about tv shows and lady gardens, they say you can’t show them on tv? what about gok wan? i’m sure he has before now…

    aha. lady garden, what a phrase.

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